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Psychological horrors are a special category of series. The Servant belongs to that special category of psychological horror. Horror movies are loved by very few people because they are scary and not everyone can stand it. The American horror series is created by Tony Basgallop. The series is a super hit. Already 3 seasons of The Servant have been released and the fourth season is on the way. The Servant Season 1 was released in 2019 followed by the release of Seasons 2 and 3 in 2020 and 2021 respectively. All seasons of The Servant have been loved by audiences and received positive reviews from all critics. The psychological horror story revolves around a couple who welcome a baby. How everything goes wrong and a terrifying drama is created out of it is what most viewers are interested in.

Season 4 of Servant is awaited by a public fan of psychological horror. The excitement among the fans forced the creators to release the final season of The Servant. Just like the first 3 seasons, Servant Season 4 will be available on Apple TV+. The series main lead is Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, Rupert Grint and Sunita Mani. So, here we are going to tell you about Servant Season 4 plot, cast, trailer and release date. Let’s dive in.

Servant season 1 recap

Season 1 of Servant had 10 episodes. Viewer interest in the series began as early as season 1. Leanne, an unhappy eighteen-year-old girl, is hired as a nanny for “baby Jericho”, a reborn doll, at Dorothy and Sean Turner’s in Philadelphia. Dorothy experienced mental breakdown and catatonia after the real Jericho’s apparent death at the cradle at thirteen weeks old, and an unlicensed therapist advised the doll as a coping strategy. As Leanne returns to her own job, who acts as if the doll is real, happily welcomes her into their home.

Servant Season 4
Free Nell Tiger

Sean is uncomfortable with devout nun Leanne, who also acts as if the doll is real as he is alone in his sadness. Sean discovers that the reborn doll has come to life in his crib when Leanne puts the baby down for a “nap”. Servant Season 1 revolves around Leanne and with each episode of Servant Season 1, viewers’ excitement increases as to what’s to come next. Each season is a hint to the viewers that the next season will definitely come. Viewers may have guessed that the series will be renewed for another season.

Servant season 2 recap

Servant season 2 started with Dorothy. Dorothy is no longer fooled by the reborn doll. Despite the fact that she still believes he is her real baby. Reyes, one of the officers who came, was a first responder after Jericho’s death. Sean, Julian and Natalie tell her that Dorothy always thought of the doll as her child and that Jericho disappeared because his mind finally rejected the doll. Reyes doubts how long the reborn doll will be used.

Sean examines his badly burned hand, which he cannot feel as he is still in pain. He discovers Leanne’s Bible, on which her name is inscribed next to a chapter concerning the “leprosy test”. Sean swears to locate Jericho, but he and Julian continue to stifle Dorothy’s efforts to publicize her abduction, throwing away her missing persons posters of Jericho, May and Leanne when she is sent to distribute them around the neighborhood. Julian also grabs Jericho’s sneaker from his room and recycles the doll. To end Dorothy’s quest, he sends the Turners a fake ransom note. Season 2 was full of horror and killed one or the other person. Someone who doesn’t have a strong heart should definitely not watch the series. The creators are ending Servant Season 3 with 10 episodes.

Servant Season 3 Recap

Servant Season 3 has 5 episodes so far. Season 3 is on the same lines as the other seasons. The season revolves around Dorothy and Leanne. Leanne is worried three months after the arrival of Aunt Josephine and the unexplained resurrection of baby Jericho. She refuses to leave the Turner household because she believes the cult is after her. Julian, now sober and out of rehab, joins Leanne for a walk with Jericho, despite the fact that she is scared.

Servant Season 3
Toby Kebbell, Rupert Grint and Lauren Ambrose

Julian wants to break up with her, but she refuses to change as she appreciates their connection. She then mistakenly identifies a stranger as Uncle George and returns home with Jericho. Julian is about to follow her inside when a piece of the gargoyle in front of the house breaks off and shatters onto the sidewalk, nearly hitting him. There are only 5 episodes available for Servant Season 3 and it’s all about Dorothy, Julian and Leanne.

Servant Season 4 Storyline

The American Horror centers on a well-to-do Philadelphia couple who employ a nanny to care for their “child.” Dorothy and Sean Turner are thrilled to have a newborn. Their joy could only resist for a few weeks. The baby passes away 13 weeks later, wreaking havoc on Dorothy’s sanity. Dorothy believes the doll is their real child, and after a while they hire Leanne, the nanny, to help take care of it. Sean has second thoughts about hiring Leanne due to a series of strange events.

Servant Season 4 Cast

The cast of the terrifying horror series did a good job of attracting a good number of people. The psychological horror drama with its 3 seasons released, has a lot of scenes, killing one or the other person in the series. So it becomes very difficult to guess who will be and who will be absent from Servant season 4. It’s safe to assume that Dorothy and Sean would definitely be part of Servant Season 4. Lauren Ambrose stars as Dorothy and Toby Kebbell. plays the role of Sean. The many caregivers will also be seen in Servant Season 4. Nell free plays the role of Nany. Dorothy and Sean’s child will also be seen again in Servant Season 4. Julius Belford plays the role of their child. As we all know one or the other person is killed in this horror series, we can expect some of the new Servant Season 4 entries. As of now, it is still not confirmed who are all new Servant Season 4 entries.

Servant season 4 trailer released or not?

Servant season 4 trailer is not out yet. Not even a few seconds teaser of Servant Season 4 has been released. Although season 4 is the last season of the Servant. The news that the show is renewed for its final season came out in December 2021. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the creators to release at least a short teaser for Servant Season 4. The trailer for season 3 was released in October 2021. and Servant Season 3 was released in January 2022. The trailer for Servant Season 3 got millions of views by the viewers.

Servant Season 4
Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell: Servant Season 4

As of now, we can’t see any trailer for Servant Season 4. Till then those who haven’t watched the season can watch Servant Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. Only 5 episodes of Servant Season 3 have been released so far. Like the other 2 seasons, fans can expect this season to also have 10 episodes. Fans can guess what will happen in Servant Season 4 once they’ve finished watching the rest of the three seasons. Fans can watch the psychological horror series on Apple TV+.

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Servant Season 4 will likely be the final season of the psychological horror Servant, bringing the saga to a close. So far, only 5 episodes of Servant Season 3 have been released. Looking at the previous trend, one can easily assume that the third and fourth seasons will contain 10 episodes each. Each episode can be 26-36 minutes long, similar to the first and second seasons.

The actual release date of the fourth season has yet to be announced. All seasons of Servant were released 1 year apart. So, we can assume that Servant Season 4 might release in early 2023. Till then, all the viewers who love to watch the series from horror categories can watch the rest of the Servant Seasons.

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