‘Semantic Error’ Episode 4: Release Date & Spoilers


With the release of episode 4 of “Semantic Error” in the middle of the week, things take another turn. Fans love the acting and the chemistry between the two. Doing everything he can to toy with Sang Woo, Jae Young now targets people he thinks are close to him. Sang Woo does everything he can to avoid the crazed senior. Making a plan with a flowchart, he is already acting on the step to eliminate Jae Young. But he just told her he was going to have a lot of fun.

And it turns out the portfolio show and reunion weren’t the first places the two met. Jae Young and Sang Woo have met many times before but never really paid attention. We also took a trip down memory lane when we got a glimpse of the freshman party hosted by the two departments. Looking at another computer science student named Ryu Ji Hye who hangs out with Sang Woo, he also became interested in her. Jae Young’s friends are fed up with him dressing in red just to annoy Sang Woo. Join him in researching information about the computer science major, even though they’re having fun.

'Semantic Error' Episode 4
An image from “Semantic Error”

“Semantic Error” Recap: All Jae Young Has To Have Fun While Ji Hye Wants To Talk To Sang Woo

As Jae Young watched him sleep on the desk, he decided to sit next to him and draw lines on his face. Not waking him up when the teacher came, Sang Woo ended up being scolded and laughed at in front of the class. Having had enough of him, he finally confronted Jae Young about what he wanted from him. Whereas the place Jae Young moved to ended up being next to Sang Woo. Ji Hye, on the other hand, wants to get closer to Sang Woo. He really doesn’t care about anything. Asking him if he had a designer to work with, she got no response. As her friend told her to forget her, the two Jae Young and Sang Woo were in the cafeteria having lunch.

Ryu Ji Hye is in the same class as Sang Woo and has a bit of a crush on him. The two met near the vending machine when he was lending her money to buy juice. While he had completely forgotten about it, Ji Hye continued to track it down. He was standing by the same ATM when she returned the money. Hoping to talk to him, the girl didn’t really get much from him except that he told her he would give her change the next time he saw her. Later, the two cross paths again as he puts up a poster and searches for a new designer. As he gave her change, the two exchanged phone numbers to coordinate and help each other with projects.

'Semantic Error' Episode 4
An image from “Semantic Error”

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‘Semantic Error’ Episode 4 Release Date and Preview

Episode 4 of “Semantic Error” will be released on February 24, 2022. Trying to get closer to Sang Woo, Ryu Ji Hye kept asking him about the project. She ended up meeting Jae Young too. Asking if the two are close, while Sang Woo denied their recent friendship, Jae Young continued to chime in, telling him that they were best friends and spent all their time together. While Jae Young gets his share of fun from the act, he and Sang Woo seem to change over time. Always keeping things to himself, Sang Woo opens up his boundaries and lets Jae Young in as the Elder also develops a soft spot for his enemy.

Watch ‘Semantic Error’ Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 4 of “Semantic Error” will be available on the South Korean streaming service “Watcha”. For the world premiere, fans can head to streaming platform, Rakuten Viki. Each episode has a duration of 25 minutes.

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