Semantic Error Anime Adaptation: Here’s What We Know


2022 is going to be a year with a lot of BL adaptations going on. Not only that, but there are many live action series with the same theme. Semantic error is one such manhwa. This manhwa is adapted from a web novel of the same name, and it is written by Jeosuri. Illustrator Angy was in charge of illustrating the web novel and transforming it into a captivating art style manhwa.

Semantic Error is a very intriguing manhwa with equally interesting characters. The main protagonists of the series are two individuals who are very different from each other but attracted to each other. This story is very engaging because it can make you understand the characters as well as it can make you laugh. Semantic Error’s popularity grew at a rapid rate, and ever since then, fans have been asking for more story. Fortunately, we receive many forms of media related to this story.

What is semantic error?

We are first introduced to the character named Chu Sangwoo. Sangwoo is studying at the computer science department. He is a very logical character. His personality is almost very similar to computer programs. For Sangwoo, everything is black or white. Even his daily problems are solved by looking at them logically without taking emotions into account. That’s the way he’s used to living, so he has a very systematic life. He also tends to play by the rules and is ready to call out anyone for their problematic behavior. However, he shows great interest in the game and therefore decides to program a game on his own. Interestingly, the last two sentences related to his personality lead him to meet Jang Jaeyoung.

Semantic Error Anime Adaptation
The Semantic Error Poster

If Sangwoo is logical, then Jaeyoung is rational. However, he can act like a dick once in a while. Being completely different from Sangwoo, Jaeyoung is a popular student in the Fine Arts Design Department. He also happens to be one of Sangwoo’s band “freeloaders” for a liberal arts project. Since Jaeyoung couldn’t attend the meetings, along with the other two members, Sangwoo removed their names from the presentation, regardless of the reasons for their absence. Because of this, Jaeyoung was unable to graduate. After discovering the person responsible for not being able to graduate, Jaeyoung makes it his mission to annoy Sangwoo and make the year hell for him.

However, they both started to feel attraction for each other, with Jaeyoung quickly coming to terms with his feelings while Sangwoo? He remains confused as ever because he cannot resolve feelings using computer codes and identifies his “default behaviors” as semantic errors.

K-Drama Semantic Error:

In 2021, the casting and production of the Kdrama version of Semantic Error took place. We were also introduced to the cast of the drama. Chu Sangwoo is portrayed by Park Jae-chan. He is a singer of K-pop group DONGKIZ. His appearance and acting seem to represent Chu Sangwoo’s characteristics perfectly. The actor playing Jang Jaeyoung is Park Seoham. He was a former member of Kpop group KNK as well as a former trainee and backup dancer at BigHit Entertainment. While this drama will be Park Seoham’s debut as a lead, for Park Jaechan, it will be his Kdrama debut.

This drama will air on WATCHA network from February 16, 2022. It will consist of 8 episodes making up Season 1.

Anime adaptation of Semantic Error:

Prior to the Kdrama announcement, Semantic Error had a short anime adaptation. However, the anime consisted of only 4 episodes which were around 4 minutes long each. The anime didn’t give us their story from the beginning. This gives us snippets of some scenes from the web novel, from their first kiss to when they started a relationship. Clips of this short adaptation were streamed on Laftel, a Korea-based YouTube channel.

So far, it’s unclear if the story will get a full anime adaptation. However, we can rejoice and will be able to enjoy the live action that will be broadcast soon. In the meantime, you can check out character Jang Jaeyoung’s Instagram and Twitter pages!

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