Samsung’s Galaxy S22 pre-order site won’t let you pre-order a phone


Samsung has just announced its highly anticipated Galaxy S22 lineup, but many who have tried to pre-order the new smartphones are reporting that they can’t quite complete their purchases. Many report problems or just a blank screen that seems to load indefinitely at checkout, which is also where I ran into problems buying a few combinations of both locked and unlocked models of the phones.

Here are just a few examples of people writing to Samsung’s support account on Twitter and asking for help:

Samsung’s support account responds to people who contact you, although responses vary, including: to request to DM and suggestions dial the company’s e-commerce team. It’s unclear whether taking these steps will lead to a completed purchase. A Samsung spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The edge

If you do want to pre-order one of the new S22 phones, we’ve lined up a slew of other stores where you can grab the devices. And be sure to check out our first looks at the Note-esque Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S22/S22 Plus.


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