Salman says character in ‘Antim’ is one of his toughest on-screen portrayals

Salman Khan talks about his role in Antim Being The "Hardest Character" He has played till now
Salman Khan talks about his role in Antim (Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Bombay, January 27 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently named his character in the Mahesh Manjrekar director ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ as ​​one of his toughest on-screen portrayals.

The actor called it the binder that holds the story together.

Commenting on the character, Salman said, “In ‘Antim’ I played the part of a cop, but a little different this time. It’s one of the hardest characters I’ve played to date. Everything – from my appearance of a Sikh cop to my dialect and the character’s calm-peaceful persona is more unusual than my previous roles.”

He added that the character is an integral part of the film’s storyline, saying: “There are no romantic songs and angry young mannequins, but Rajveer Singh’s character is very crucial that connects the film. I’m glad that people have shown so much love and support for both characters – Rajveer Singh and Rahulya.”

The film will premiere on World Television in Zee Cinema on January 30 at 8 p.m. Salman further praised his fellow actor in the film and his brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma, saying: “It was great to see Aayush work like this. difficult for the project. I see a lot of potential and his hard work really came through. With the World Television Premiere of Antim op Zee Cinema, a larger group of my fans will be able to enjoy the film.”

Director Mahesh Manjrekar elaborated on his thoughts on the film, saying: “Salman and I got together after a long time, so with Antim I wanted to bring a story and characters that the audience has not seen before. I tried pushing both Salman and Aayush past the kind of roles they’ve played in the past and breaking the mold.”

He added that he was always confident that Salman’s character in the film will be loved by the audience: “Salman’s character in this film, a simple and calm agent in turban, is different from the roles he has played earlier in his career. . . But I was confident that this change would appeal to the public.”

Speaking of Aayush, he said: “Aayush had made his debut in Bollywood with a romantic film, while his character in ‘Antim’ demanded him to step into the skin of the gangster and push him outside his comfort zone. They worked together as the perfect power duo. I saw a spark in Aayush, just like the one I had seen in the eyes of Sanjay Dutt years ago.”

He added: “I asked him to be honest about his character and I saw him follow that with absolute conviction. The fans noticed this and it’s overwhelming to see the reaction the film got.”

Mahima Makwana, who made her film debut with ‘Antim: The Final Truth’, said: “It was quite a transition for me – from the small screen to movies. It was my childhood dream to make it to the big screen that came true with ‘Antim’. When I was selected for the part, I didn’t even know Salman would be playing Sir in this movie. I found out later. Working with the superstar herself made me feel intimidated at first.”

She added: “However, when we started the shoot, both Salman Sir and Mahesh Sir made me feel comfortable and confident. I was absolutely in awe of Salman Sir and I am grateful for such an amazing opportunity.”

She recalled her first encounters with the superstar, saying: “I even remember at first I couldn’t find words to say for him, but the whole team at ‘Antim’ brought such humility to the set that I didn’t feel like it was my big Bollywood debut, it was a journey full of lessons that will go way beyond this project.”

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