Salman Khan once lost his lucky bracelet and an actor came to the rescue, ‘Bhai’ promised a gift but later forgot

When Salman Khan Lost His Firozah Bracelet
Did you know that Salman Khan once lost his Firozah bracelet in his farm in Panvel (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Salman Khan is currently the most bankable star of Bollywood as he is known for giving multiple hits a year. Meanwhile, despite all the stardom he’s gotten, the superstar believes his Firozah bracelet is lucky for him. However, a few years ago, the Dabangg star lost his lucky charm in his Panvel farm. Scroll down to see how he found it.

Since the Radhe star entered the industry, we have never seen him without his bracelet and he has also become quite famous among his fans as they often wear the replica of it.

Ever since the Firozah bracelet was gifted to Salman Khan by his father Salim Khan, the superstar has been inextricably linked with it. In 2014, Khan hosted a party at his Panvel farm where he lost his lucky charm. Although the superstar didn’t realize it, it was his friend who noticed that the bracelet was missing from his hand.

A source close to Salman Khan told Mumbai Mirror: “A friend pointed out to him that the bracelet was gone, Salman Khan did not lose his composure, but his face went blank. A frantic search ensued, but when his father’s gift to him didn’t show up, he almost lost hope.”

The bracelet was soon found by none other than former Bigg Boss contestant Ashmit Patel. The actor who teamed up with Khan in Jai Ho claimed he found it at the bottom of the pool, but he didn’t tell the superstar this.

The source added: “You should have seen the relief on Salman’s face.”

Even Ashmit Patel spoke about the incident with the same news portal and when Salman Khan asked him where he found it, the actor said: “I told him (Salman Khan) not to worry about the how and where. He promised me a bracelet to give as a present, but I think he has completely forgotten about it by now.”

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