Rookie Cops Episode 9: Release Date, & Streaming Details


Episode 9 of “Rookie Cops” will be the start of the relationship between Seung Hyeon and Eun Gang, which we have all been waiting for. We even learned that Seung Hyeon’s father is involved in the death of Kim Tak’s brother. Will Seung Hyeon ever learn this chapter of his father’s life? On the other hand, if Tak learns that his friend’s father is responsible for his brother’s death, how will he react? One of the main differences between the current batch of KNPU is that they make no apologies for not stopping in front of influence or old people if something goes wrong.

The drama is an extremely fun watch as it revolves around the daily lives of rookie cops. In current episodes, one thing is certain, Kim Tak’s expression steals the show. It’s so much fun but loving to even watch it, and he and Ari’s relationship could take off for the first time. However, from the looks of Tak, we still have some time ahead of us. The drama gradually unravels the layers of characters, and we still have a lot to see.

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Rookie Cops Episode 8 Recap

Eung Gang and Juchan share some lighthearted moments while joking around a bit. Meanwhile, Seung Hyeon finds out that they are both together, which annoys him a bit. The next morning, while training, Juchan and Eun Gang decide to meet in the evening as she promised to buy him a drink. Seung Hyeon searched through each cafe to find them and finally landed on the correct one. During one situation, he heard Eun Gang say that she loved Juchan too, but before she could finish her sentence, he left. It turns out that Juchan made a proposal to her whether she still loved him or not, as it seemed that he had developed some feelings for her. Although, at this, Eun Gang revealed that she now only thinks of him as an old person and has feelings for someone else.

Rookie cops
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One night before the 47th Cheongram Sports Festival, Eun Gang injured her toe. On sports days, everyone gave it their all. During the role of Eun Gang, she was leading him. However, her toe started hurting. When everyone passed her, she asked for help from Han Na, who at first refused to help her. Seung Hyeon, along with others, were tense about Han Na and Eun Gang as they still hadn’t arrived. Later, they saw that Han Na was carrying Eun Gang on her back, and they finally finished the competition. At the end, we could see Han Na getting emotional after being complimented for not leaving her friend behind.

Rookie cops
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The day ended with an incredible performance from the seniors as well as the freshmen. Seung Hyeon and Eun Gang finally have their moment where they confess while fireworks adorn the night sky.

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Rookie Cops Episode 9 Preview

Eun Gang and Seung Hyeon have finally acknowledged their feelings for each other. So we will witness many more heartfelt moments.

Rookie cops
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On the other hand, it seems that Professor Yoo Gon knows more of the university’s dark secrets, and slowly we can get a glimpse of them as well. Meanwhile, Nam Gi’s true motive is still undisclosed, and we don’t even know what he’s planning next, so this will be an interesting watch as well.

Watch Rookie Cops Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 9 of Rookie Cops will be available on Disney+. You will need to buy a subscription to watch the drama. Apart from that, you can also find the drama online. It will air at 1:30 p.m. IST.

Rookie Cops Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of “Rookie Cops” will be released on February 23, 2022. The drama airs on Wednesdays of each week. Rookie Cops gives a very cool vibe, and since it is youth-based with a college concept, audiences can relate to it at ground level. In addition, some characters are extremely endearing. The drama is releasing two episodes on the same day.

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