Rookie Cops Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Details


Rookie Cops Episode 10 might witness a different version of the friendship between Han Na and Eun Gang. Han Na is like an outcast in college as she is always in a shell and prefers to be left alone. However, that might not be what her heart wants. In one of the episodes, we get a glimpse of Han Na’s family situation where her mother is fooled by alcohol, and the two don’t share any close bond.

Her family has a close connection to Detective Nam Gi, and all the while we were scratching our heads thinking why Han Na was helping her, maybe she was returning the favor. Although we are still not sure, it depends on the upcoming episodes. Seung Hyeon, on the other hand, questions his father’s choices during his speech, from which a lot about his personality can be determined. Meanwhile, it looks like the university has a lot of untold stories we need to hear.

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Rookie Cops Synopsis

All of the students, including the authorities, had just recovered from the spycam incident when an interesting situation arose. While speculating about the Kim Tak and Seung Hyeon affair, Professor Cha Yoo Gon discovered the name of Kim Tak’s brother. He was also a former KNPU student, and teacher Cha Yoon Gon treated him harshly. Then we got a glimpse of how in a mission he lost his life, and it had something to do with Wi Ki Yong.

Rookie cops
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Meanwhile, the sports festival is on the way, and when Seung Hyeon was given the responsibility of coaching Han Na, it made Eun Gang sulk for a while. Tak noticed this and insisted that Seung Hyeon accompany Eun Gang while he went to train Han Na. Eun Gang and Seung Hyeon had fun riding their bikes. It was like a mini date for them.

On the other hand, Juchan had a breakup as her partner wanted to go to the United States to study fashion. To make him feel better, he and Eun Gang had a funny time when a call from Seung Hyeon came in and was received by Juchan.

Rookie cops
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Later, Eun Gang clarified to Juchan that currently she has feelings for someone else and he is just a senior to her. The day of the sports festival arrived when, despite her head on the track, Eun Gang finally had to slow down due to her foot injury. This is where we got a different version of Han Na, because she helped her friend and didn’t give up on her. Hope for a reconciliation grew in the hearts of the audience as they shook hands thinking of a fresh start.

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Rookie Cops Episode 10 Preview

Han Na goes through character development and the storyline becomes more interesting with each passing episode. From heartbreak to floating romance, the next episodes could have it all.

Rookie cops
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The whole mystery part hasn’t been revealed, but we still have to find out what happened with Hyunsoo and why his case was dismissed by Seung Hyeon’s father as if he never had. known ? For that, you have to keep an eye out for the next episodes.

Watch Rookie Cops Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

Rookie Cops Episode 10 will be available on the Disney+ streaming platform. In addition to that, the audience can also stream the drama online. Each episode is approximately 60 minutes long, although the time period may vary.

Rookie Cops Episode 10 Release Date

Rookie Cops Episode 10 will be released on February 23, 2022. The drama currently sits in the underrated category and deserves more hype. In the popular dramatic scenes, many are dark or thriller-like. So if you want to explore the slice of life type drama with some mystery toppings, then Rookie Cops is for you.

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