Rise of Tomb Raider Ending Explained: Did Lara Survive?


Released in 2015, The Rise of the Tomb Raider is an action-adventure video game sequel to the 2013 one Grave robber. It is also the eleventh entry in the grave robber series. In this article, we will be looking at the Rise of Tomb Raider ending explained, where we will go over the game’s ending and answer all your in-game doubts. The game tells the story of Lara Croft as she adventures in Siberia in search of the legendary city of Kitezh.

We will also see Lara fight against the paramilitary organization Trinity. At the same time, developing the game, player feedback from the developer was widely accepted and introduced more puzzles and challenge tombs. In this explanation of the ending of Rise of Tomb Raider, we would like to warn you that this article contains many spoilers and spoils your experience if you have not yet completed the game. The Rise of Tomb Raider takes place in several places, including Cappadocia, Istanbul and Ephesus. This is also where many members of previous Tomb Raiders projects have returned. This includes Rhianna Pratchett as the game’s scriptwriter, Camilla Luddington, to do Lara’s voice and motion capture work.

Rise of Tomb Raider ending explained
The Rise of Tomb Raider

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Rise of Tomb Raider ending explained

In order to fully understand the ending of Rise of Tomb Raider, we need to go through the complete plot of the game. The events of the game take place one year after the events of grave robber, where we see archaeologist Lara Croft struggling to explain her experience of the supernatural on Yamatai. She is now facing PTSD and looking for answers. Lara turns to her late father Lord Croft’s research to learn more about the lost city of Kitezh in search of immortality.

Ana, Lord Croft’s partner and friend, warns Lara that her father was also obsessed like Lara, but ultimately it leads to her suicide. Lara ignores his warning and organizes an expedition to the forgotten cities of northwestern Syria in hopes of discovering the tomb of the Prophet of Constantinople. The prophet of Constantinople is considered the key figure in the legend of Kitezh.

End of Rise of Tomb Raider
The Rise of Tomb Raider

Lara discovers the tomb is empty and is interrupted by Trinity, an ancient order of knights, who later transformed into a paramilitary organization investigating the supernatural. This organization is headed by its leader Konstantin. She was able to flee from there, but she discovered a symbol carved into the tomb before fleeing. She remembers this symbol from a Russian religious story in her father’s study at Croft Manor.

She then proceeds to find out more about it and then discovers the artifact called the Divine Source which can bestow immortality. As she and her friend Jonah Maiava argued over the existence of the artifact, a Trinity assassin infiltrates the mansion and steals the book. This allows them to learn more about the artifact and leaves for Siberia. Upon reaching Siberia, Lara and Jonah are separated by an avalanche.

Lara prepares to continue her adventure and discovers that Trinity has made a Soviet-era facility for a base of operations, where they work to search for Kitezh. When she attempted to take the Trinity Book back from their bae, she was captured and imprisoned along with Ana. Trinity leader Konstantin slowly strangles Ana and forces Lara to reveal everything she knows so far regarding the artifacts.

End of Rise of Tomb Raider
The Rise of Tomb Raider

Upon realizing that Lara doesn’t know much about the source’s whereabouts, Ana reveals herself to be an agent of Trinity and also relates that she is Konstantin’s sister. She asks Lara to join Trinity, but Lara refuses and is taken to the Gulag cells. Here she meets a man named Jacob, where together they form a plan to escape from there and succeed.

Trinity comes up behind them, and during the chase, Lara is incapacitated and nearly drowns, but Jacob saves her. For this, she promises that she will help him and his people drive Trinity from their region. Upon reaching the Valley of the Hot Springs, Jacob reveals him as the leader of the inhabitants, the Remnants. It also reveals that they are descendants of the Prophet’s followers.

While living with the Remnant, Lara sees that the Trinity repeatedly attacks them, justifying it as slaughter as God’s will. Lara discovers that Ana has a terminal illness and seeks the Divine Source to heal herself. But Jacob warns Lara that even if the divine source is real, it’s not what she expects it to be. Lara does not change her decision and goes in search of the Atlas, an artifact that shows the way to Kitezh.

Sofia, Jacob’s daughter, warns Lara about the Immortals, the immortal guardians of Kitezh. Lara goes in search of the Atlas located in the archives under the ruins of a cathedral. Later, she reunites with Jonas as she was found by the Remnants and brought to the valley. Lara soon discovers the way to Kitezh, but Trinity forces arrive in the valley and take the Atlas and capture Jonas.

Lara goes to the Gulag to find Jonah, but Konstantin mortally wounds him. Lara brings Jonah to Jacob and helps heal him. Seeing Jonah’s quick recovery, Lara realizes that Jacob is the prophet, who obtained immortality from the divine source. Since Trinity is getting closer to the glacier that overlooks Kitezh, Lara decides to enter the city by a dangerous path. After reading the journals written by an agent of the Trinity, Lara understands the true meaning of Jacob’s warning, that the divine Source grants immortality at the cost of self. Meanwhile, the Trinity passes through the ice and enters the chamber where the Divine Source is.

With the help of Sofia and the rest of Remnant, Lara makes her way through Trinity and reaches the chamber. Konstantin ambushes Lara, but she is able to wound him and thus kill him. Before his death, he reveals that Lara’s father did not kill himself, but Trinity murdered him. Later, Lara enters the room, but she is late because Ana has already retrieved the God Source.

Even though Jacob and Lara try to reason with Ana, it doesn’t work, and as the Immortals close in, Ana activates the God Source. Since the Divine Source is so powerful, Ana is overwhelmed by its power. Lara uses this opportunity to pick it up and tear it to pieces, causing the Immortals to perish. As Jacob’s immortality is lost, he is happy that his time has finally come.

He assures Lara that she made a difference and is peacefully disintegrating. Two weeks later, at Croft Manor, we see Lara and Jonah ready to decide what their next expedition will be. Lara makes a wish that she wants to investigate more of the mysteries of the world and destroy Trinity’s plans. In the game’s post-credits scenes, we could see a scene that takes place two weeks before Lara and Jonah leave Siberia.

In this scene, Lara is seen asking Ana if she killed her father. Ana denies this but admits that although Trinity ordered her to, she couldn’t kill him because she loved him. Before she can reveal anything else, she gets killed by a sniper. He asks his superior if he should also kill Lara but is refused by his superior. If you reload the save file after finishing the game, you might see her telling Sofia about Jacob’s passing.

Where to play Rise of Tomb Raider

For those who are interested in playing Rise of Tomb Raider but don’t know where to play, then we are here to help you because in this part we will be looking at the platforms on which you can play Rise of Tomb Raider. Rise of Tomb Raider can be played on Xbox 360, One, Series X and S. As for PlayStation, gamers can play the game on PlayStation 4 and 5 and even on cloud platforms like Stadia.

Rise of Tomb Raider can also run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and even Linux. regarding the minimum specs required to run Rise of Tomb Raider. To run Rise of Tomb Raider, your PC must have at least 6GB of RAM with at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics card powering at least Intel Core i3-2100 on a Windows 7 64-bit or better machine. The game will be around 25MB in size after all installations are complete.

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