Revival Series Waterloo Road Finally Unveils The Class Of 2022!


Want to meet the cast of Waterloo Road? The creators of the highly anticipated BBC One series Waterloo Road have finally revealed the cast for its return this year. An impressive cast ensemble has been gathered around, including actors from The Time, The Bay and Coronation Street. These celebrities are all set to play the students in the school drama.

Along with the familiar faces, the revival will also feature a few new faces, including Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas’ daughter Scarlett. Scarlett’s mother, Tina, also expressed her pride, while announcing that she was delighted that her gorgeous, charming and talented Scarlett Thomas would also be in the upcoming revival series.

Learn all about the Renewal Cast Set!

The revival series has already started filming in Greater Manchester and will be released soon on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Along with these new additions, Emmerdale star Adam Thomas will reprise his role as Donte Charles in the revival series. While the cats were announced on BBC’s Morning Live today, the revival will also feature Adam’s real-life niece Scarlett Thomas. Scarlett will be playing her character’s daughter, Izzy Charles. Take a look at the social media post as the team introduces itself.

Adam Thomas expressed his excitement while admitting it feels good to be going back to where it all began given Waterloo Road has been a big part of his life and career. Other than that, we have Adam Abbou as Danny Lewis, Noah Valentine as Preston Walters, and Adam Ali and Priyasasha Kumari on board as well. Coronation Street star Liam Scholes will also be part of the revival. It’s a full room after all!

Molding of the road to Waterloo
Waterloo Road

Fans will also see Angela return as the show’s much-loved teacher, Kim Campbell, who appears to be getting a promotion as school principal. Speculation of Hollyoaks star Chelsee making a surprise appearance is already circulating. Viewers are wondering if the actress is keen on reprising her role as alumnus-turned-school-secretary Janeece Bryant. We’ll find out once the series returns to screens later this year.

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