Red Velvet Preparing For A March Comeback


SM Entertainment has confirmed that Red Velvet is gearing up for a March comeback! Red Velvet’s agency SM Entertainment previously announced that mega-popular third-generation girl group Red Velvet was gearing up for a March comeback on the morning of February 18. Red Velvet, which last made a comeback in the second half of 2021, plans to release an album by next month.

The band had been on a very long hiatus due to Wendy’s neck injury. Red Velvet fans were hungry for OT5 content before the Queendom era and to see Wendy looking good and healthy. However, after the Queendom era, fans got the content they wanted and deserved!

What were the members of Red Velvet in 2021?

Last year, Red Velvet ended their long hiatus by releasing their full album Queendom in August. Fans had also been fed with countless solo promotions. First, Irene had been swept up in the controversy surrounding her. For this reason, the K-pop female idol didn’t have much activity last year. Seulgi, on the other side, has had a very busy year. First, she had her own radio show and had collaborations with Wendy, Bambam, etc. She even debuted in SM Entertainment’s supergroup Got The Beat with fellow member Wendy. Plus, Wendy was also on a roll last year.

Red Velvet March Comeback
Red Velvet Limbs

In addition to her debut on Got The Beat, Wendy made her debut as a solo artist and once again wowed us with her sultry vocals on her debut EP Like Water. She even became a co-host of Mysterious Record Shop. Wendy wasn’t the only member to debut as a soloist last year. Joy had also shone with her cheerful debut EP Hello. She even made a return to acting with the Kdrama The One And Only. The last is the maknae of the group. Yeri also wowed us with her acting skills in Blue Birthday! Phew, the members really had a busy year!

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