“Really show how Islamophobic the world is”

Bella Hadid speaks out against the ongoing hijab row in India:
Bella Hadid asks India and other countries not to ‘make decisions for a woman’ over the ongoing hijab row (Photo Credit – Bella Hadid / Instagram)

Bella Hadid is one of the most followed supermodels of the current generation who is quite vocal about her opinions on social media. She often wins the internet with not only her exquisite fashion sense, but also her educational and awareness-raising posts. In a recent update, Bella has brought up the hijab row, which has been a major topic of discussion in India for the past few weeks.

For the inexperienced, the whole hijab discussion got underway when a bunch of students from Government Girls PU College, Udupi, were barred from entering the school building for wearing a hijab to complement their uniforms. Six university students decided to protest when asked to remove their headgear, eventually sparking multiple protests in Karnataka, most of them against the idea of ​​women adding hijabs to their college/school uniforms. The Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai even had to close schools and colleges for a short period because of the increasing violent unrest in the state.

In a recent turn of events, American model Bella Hadid has spoken out about the hijab row, out of solidarity with the women who only want to practice their faith. She first posted an extensive note on the atrocities facing Muslim women around the world, calling it “biased, prejudiced and downright racist”.

In a much more detailed second post, Bella Hadid shared a series of articles that mentioned how different countries are planning to enact Islamophobic laws and the list also mentioned the name of India due to the ongoing hijab row. She emphasized how Muslim women are not allowed to follow their faith in public in France and how the world is conveniently mothering the overtly mounting problems of Islamophobia around the world.

Bella Hadid linked the hijab row to misogyny, writing: “I urge France, India, Quebec, Belgium and all other countries in the world that discriminate against Muslim women to reconsider what decisions you have made or are trying to make in “The future about a body that doesn’t belong to you. It’s not your job to tell women what to wear and what not to wear, especially when it comes to faith and safety.”

“A man’s self-centeredness to even think for one second that they have enough validity to make decisions for a woman in 2022 is not only laughable, but actually sick in the head,” Bella Hadid continued. Have a look.

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