Read My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Release Date: All for One Faces the Heroes in a Final Showdown


My Hero Academia Chapter 343 ended with All for One falling for Aoyama’s deed. He walks right into this trap that has been set up by the heroes for him. However, it is still All for One that we are talking about. This may be his perfect opportunity to get his hands on One for All. Thus, we are witnessing a rare moment when All for one is caught off guard. Will the heroes be able to make the most of it in My Hero Academia Chapter 343?

It seems there is something that even All for One fears. Yes, you read that right. The pinnacle of evil and monstrosity fears the faint ray of hope that unites everyone. It is high time for Japan to become that ray of light in this heroic society drowning in despair, thus inspiring the whole world to join hands. We bring you the latest Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter updates.

My Hero Academia Spoilers and Raw Scans

Chapter 344 will continue with the final showdown between All for One and the heroes. Since it was their plan to lure All for One here, the heroes must have something up their sleeves to finally get rid of him. However, I guess the bad guys aren’t far behind. They’ll show up in no time to help their Sorcerer Supreme.

My Hero Academia 344
All heroes united

Tomuro Shigaraki was supposed to return to action after a few days, so I guess he won’t show up anytime soon. Yet the character never failed to surprise us, and his return will shake the very foundations of hero society. We’ll also find out how Aoyama managed to escape All for One’s lie detection quirk. Unfortunately, the raw scans and leaks of My Hero Academia Chapter 344 are not yet available. They usually surface 2-3 days before the chapter’s official release, so be sure to check back on Friday. We will keep the section updated for you.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 343 Recap

Chapter 343 starts with All For One, explaining the lie detection skill he acquired in the first era of whims. He became stronger after combining other quirks. He recalls the original user being a disappointment, but his successor was quite impressive and worked alongside All Might to bring him down. Thanks to this unique quirk, All for One has never been fooled in its years of conquest. He then speaks with Aoyama’s family, confirming Izuku’s exact location. His intention is to catch Izuku alone and take One for All away from him. He senses no ill will from Aoyama, so he trusts him to hand Izuku over to him.

All for one and Deku

All for his true intentions

In the abandoned town outside UA, Aoyama encounters Izuku. When Izuku asks him how he roams freely despite his detention, Aoyama replies that his parents are lawyers, so it doesn’t matter. He goes on to reveal All for One’s true intentions. According to him, the Japanese economy will collapse shortly after the disaster. This will inevitably have a global impact, followed by coordinated attacks from bad guys all over the world. In such a situation, basic needs like water and electricity will become a luxury. So quirks that produce water, electricity, gas, etc., will be the most valuable assets. All for One, with his ability to transfer whims, will become the demon lord of the new world.

Aoyama betrays All for One

The final fight has begun

As he finishes speaking, All for One shows up to take One for All away from Izuku. Well, don’t be mad at Aoyama for betraying his friends. Everything was pre-planned to have All for One walk straight into the trap set by the heroes. The villain kingpin wondered how Aoyama got past his lie-detecting quirk. Either way, he’s close to One for All, and he still believes this is his best opportunity to get his hands on it.

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 will be released on Sunday, February 20, 2022. The manga is heading towards the final showdown between heroes and villains, so don’t miss new chapters released every Sunday.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 344?

You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 343 at Viz Media Official Site and on the official Shonen Jump app. The three last the chapters are available for free, but you need to upgrade to the paid subscription to read the whole series.

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