Rams own two of the worst Super Bowl champion’s rush exits in NFL history


1. St. Louis Rams 1999-00 (Super Bowl XXIV)

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Yes, the Rams have the top two spots on this list, and it only seems fitting. Both Super Bowl-winning Rams teams were known for passing the ball, even though the St. Louis Rams, also known as The Greatest Show on Turf, had a Hall of Fame that went back to Marshall Faulk.

But even with all their offensive firepower (Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt), this Super Bowl is remembered by many for Mike Jones’ game clinching tackle to prevent Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson from catching up and reeling in for six points.

But even with Faulk in the backfield for St. Louis, the Rams rushed just 13 times (tie for fewest rush attempts in a Super Bowl) and won 29 yards on the ground. That’s by far the lowest total for a Super Bowl-winning team.

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