Quigley Down Under Filming Locations: All About The Cast


If you’re obsessed with Western-style Hollywood movies, you might have heard of Quigley Down Under. This 90s movie was hugely popular, and any time you want to watch a good Western-style movie, this has to be the go-to. He had received tons of awards and nominations in 1990. Another fun fact about the movie, which might make you watch the movie, is that you will find the beloved Alan Rickman in this movie, playing a very important character. Apart from the amazing action scenes and actors, what viewers usually wonder about are the filming locations of Quigley Down Under.

Although the movie didn’t do so well in theaters, it did manage to influence the pop culture of the time quite heavily. Quigley’s signature fighting style in the film has been recognized by snipers, and whenever someone attempts to kill two targets with a single bullet, it defines them as a Quigley. Critics also adored the film because it fits the typical definition of a Western-style Hollywood movie so perfectly, but it’s not boring. The actions were also quite engaging throughout the film.

quigley under the filming location
A scene from the movie.

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Quigley Down Under filming locations

The film’s cinematography was quite good, and the location where the film was shot also seemed extremely appropriate. For any western-style movie, the film has to be shot in some kind of desert area, which would give a cowboy feel. The film’s setting is Australia, and the filmmakers wanted to keep it as real as possible and decided to go to Australia. Therefore, the Quigley Down Under filming locations took place in Australia. There are two main locations where the film was shot, in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Quigley Down Under filming locations
Still from Quigley Down Under depicting the landscape.

Principal photography was taken in Victoria, specifically Melbourne and Apollo Bay. However, as many shots as possible were shot in the Northern Territory. To be more precise, the scenes were shot in a small town far from Alice Springs. The area can be fairly easily replicated in a 19th century cowboy town, complete with hots and pubs that existed at that time. The Ross River Homestead was also used in the film to represent Marston’s home. The crew had to spend many days and weeks preparing the entire set for the film and making sure the whole location was ready and fit well into the story.

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Quigley Down UnderCast

The cast of Quigley Down Under was hugely popular at the time and even grew to be more successful than ever. Matthew Quigley’s main character was played by Tom Selleck. If you can’t remember who he is, well do you remember Monica’s boyfriend Richard from Friends? Well, there it is! The female lead Crazy Cora was played by Laura San Giacomo. Well, you might recognize her from the series Saving Grace, where she played the role of Rhetta Rodriguez. Finally, we come to the film’s antagonist, Elliott Marston. This character was played by none other than Alan Rickman. Well, he needs no further introduction, except that he is Severus Snape.

quigley under the filming location
A scene from the movie.

The other characters were played by actors, such as Major Ashley-Pitt by Chris Haywood, Grimmelman by Ron Haddrick, Dobkin by Tony Bonner, Coogan by Jerome Ehlers, Hobb by Conor McDermottroe and many others. There’s no doubt that the filmmakers managed to grab the best of Hollywood during this era and bring them together. Because of this, it’s no wonder the acting and the chemistry between the characters feel so good. Everything feels like fitting together into pieces. If you’ve found your favorite stars among the cast members, we recommend checking out this movie. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed at all.

You can watch the film here.

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