Quan raises $1.15 million from YC to tackle post-pandemic worker burnout – TechCrunch


With post-pandemic burnout on the rise, the shift to remote work, and the “big layoff” now entering the lexicon, companies are struggling to retain talent.

Culture platforms like Culture Amp and Glint are built for a different era and provide insights and reports to HR, but many are less focused on 2022. And employee wellbeing is still at the top of the agenda.

New startup Quan has raised $1.15 million in pre-seed funding from Y Combinator, along with a Netherlands-based impact fund and several undisclosed angels, to close the gap between engagement surveys and wellness benefits.

Founders Arosha Brouwer and Lucy Howie, the first female-led Dutch startup to be admitted to YC, say they’ve explored the issue with doctors, psychologists and therapists to identify more than 20 sub-dimensions of well-being, supported by more than 200 forecasters. .

Quan launched his beta product in March 2021 and now claims to partner with 12 organizations, more than 1,000 paid users and a platform engagement rate of 88%.

Brouwer told me, “For far too long, players on the people and culture platforms have measured ’employee engagement’ and ’employee experience’ without providing ways to effectively manage wellness and link it directly to business metrics. Hence, themes such as burnout and toxic corporate cultures are heading in the wrong direction. Quan knows that to effectively solve a social problem, we must also turn it into a financial problem (or incentive). The hard truth is that we get companies to care about their employees if they can directly measure how it affects their bottom line.”

Quan now offers a free trial for business leaders.

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