QI Season 19 Episode 15: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers


Fans and viewers are very excited and eagerly waiting for the release of IQ Season 19 Episode 15 for the special compilation episode. While the previous episode gave us a glimpse of another topic which involved all the surprising facts and information related to sex and its role in history. On top of that, the three new guests joined the panel to fill the episode with several punch lines and comedic references as they tried to creatively answer questions.

The UK TV series focuses on the quiz category with a comedic twist as we see most of the judges have comedic backgrounds in the show. The very popular British comedian John Lloyd created the show and it debuted on September 11, 2003. Since then, the show has received numerous nominations over the years. The show features another popular comedian, Alan Davies, as a permanent panelist. While Sandi Toksvig is the presenter of the show.

After a long and successful run so far, the show is also nearing the end of the nineteenth season. That’s why viewers are now eager to watch IQ Season 19 Episode 15. However, before discussing anything about that, let’s first find out what happened in the previous episode.

IQ Season 19 Episode 15
A still from IQ Season 19 Episode 14

IQ Season 19 Episode 14 Recap

QI Season 19 Episode 14 was released on February 11, 2022 and was titled “Sexed”. The episode started with Sandi welcoming the new panel guests who were Suzi Ruffell, Sara Pascoe and Ahir Shah. At the start of the episode, Sandi asked her first question, which was hard to talk to the opposite sex. Here Sara came up with quite a fun and interesting answer that definitely earned her a point. It was a reference to the fact that Sandi spoke of the tribes of Ubang, Nigeria, where men and women have different languages.

Next, Sandi told everyone about the condom industry that started in the United States in 1883. Also, she discussed the other variations of condoms that came later until the most successful be built. During this time, guests discovered research that attempted to describe what modern-day animals would have looked like in the age of dinosaurs. The next topic was on astronaut costumes, where Sandi explained how Elon Musk brought in a designer from Hollywood who had worked on costume designs in movies like Avengers and more. Besides, Elon asked him to create a rather sexy costume for astronauts going into space in his Space X program.

IQ Season 19 Episode 15
Ahir Shah and Sara Pascoe

Then, after a few more topics, Sandi discussed another fascinating piece of information that pointed to people’s sleep patterns early on. She said people of old slept twice a day during breaks rather than a full 7-8 hours of sleep at night. While another topic came up with a question where the panelists had to answer whether the sexualization of product ads sells the products or not. Whereas, the facts about the origin of body hair shaving came next. In the end, we moved on to scores as Alan Davies came last with -16. Going up, Suzi was third with -6 and Ahir was second with a positive 7. While Sara Pascoe won the quiz with 8 points.

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QI Season 19 Episode 15: Release Date, Spoilers and Time

IQ Season 19 Episode 15 will come out on February 15, 2022 at 10 p.m. to BBC Two in the UK.” In addition to this, the episode will be titled “QI VG: Series S Compilation Show 1”. The episode will show the several moments that became a highlight of this season and were loved by fans and viewers. Additionally, we’ll also see the selection of interesting and comedic responses to Sandi’s questions throughout the season.

How to Watch IQ Season 19? Broadcast Details

IQ Season 19 is available for to watch BBC Two television network in the UK.” Additionally, the episodes are also available to stream on BBC iPlayer In the region. Meanwhile, viewers of United States can watch the show on Britbox. On the other hand, the program is broadcast on BBC for viewers of Australia.

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