Pivoting Episode 8: Release Date, Recap & Preview


Episode 8 of “Pivoting” airs this week with Amy and Henry accidentally committing bribes while Sarah tries to pick up a new life mantra. Jodie, meanwhile, will struggle to keep her adultery a secret. The synopsis for the upcoming episode certainly hints at one fun episode after a more emotional episode. The final episode saw Sarah deal with being deprived of her tool to deal with Colleen’s passing.

While Sarah was bursting eccentrically and freaking out over a phone number, Amy was doing her best to avoid getting involved. Meanwhile, Jodie finally kept her promise and had a blast with Matt. The next episode will see Jodie struggle to keep her affair a secret. Will she succeed and continue to hide it from her husband? Let’s explore everything that could happen in “Pivoting” Season 1 Episode 8. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Amy in Pivoting
Amy dials Colleen’s number in episode 7

Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 opens with Sarah, Amy and Jodie walking together while Jodie gets flashed by a European. Later, Jodie complains to Amy about Lila’s birthday party on the phone. Brian didn’t invite her to plan the birthday party. She can’t understand why but Amy knows it all too well. Jodie then asks Amy not to tell anyone about her thing with Matt.

Amy later dials Colleen’s number and we learn that she does this even though she is deceased. It’s her way of coping with her friend’s death. Anyway, some girl names Devin takes instead, much to Amy’s surprise. She is upset and calls Brian to find out what is going on with the number. Brian tells her that he abandoned the plan. Amy is pissed off. Brian tells her to try to get to heaven like everyone else. Amy has none of that.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Tanzy are at work engaging in some light PDA which pisses Rudy off. Sarah receives a text from Brian, reminding her of preparations for Lila’s birthday party. Letz reminds her that she was supposed to come to her apartment. Sarah says she will be there after the party. Meanwhile, Jodie and Matt continue to be cute. At the gym, Matt strikes up a conversation about his mismatched socks, a result of his disorganized house. Jodie offers to come help organize things and socks. The date night is on!

Amy’s fight to face a voicemail and a beep

Amy continues to be distraught that she can’t cope with how she is coping. She wants voicemail and the beep so she can have a connection with Colleen. She asks Henry for help and retrieves the 16-year-old girl’s number. Henry doesn’t think scaring a minor like that would be the best idea. Amy agrees and later drives herself to the girl’s football practice, parking the car on the field.

Devin says she can’t give the number anymore because she was asked out. She can’t return the number until she hears from the guy. Amy gives the girl a harsh reality check and says the guy won’t respond if he hasn’t in the past six days. Amy’s hyper method to retrieve the number doesn’t work either.

Sarah’s Commitment Fears & Jodie’s Secret’s Out

Sarah, meanwhile, avoids going to Tanzy’s and stays behind to help Brian with the prep. At the birthday party, Jodie tells Amy about her sexual relationship with Matt. She then asks Amy to check her vagina and see if she has herpes. Amy calls Sarah for a diagnosis. Sarah understands the silence and Jodie confesses that she slept with Matt.

Who plays Jodie in Pivoting
Jodie and Matt in episode 7

Sarah is not happy with what Jodie did, since her divorce was due to her partner cheating. She also tells Jodie that she doesn’t have herpes, just an infection. Tanzy tells Sarah she likes him but Sarah can’t commit to anything yet. This makes Tanzy upset, she comes back with an ageist remark that pisses Sarah off. Meanwhile, Henry retrieves Colleen’s number for Amy.

‘Pivoting’ Episode 8 Release Date and Preview

Episode 8 of “Pivoting” will be released on February 24, 2022. The episode’s official synopsis sheds light on what’s to come next. According to the synopsis, one of Luke’s teachers asks Amy to share prescription pills. To repay Amy, the professor does a “good deed” in return. This forces Amy and Henry to cover up the accidental corruption they committed. Meanwhile, Jodie nearly blows her cover with Matt. Sarah, on the other hand, is committed to saying “yes” to new things. The title of the episode is “Doompa-Dee-Doo”.

Watch ‘Pivoting’ Episode 8 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 8 of “Pivoting” airs on Fox on Thursday, February 24 at 8:30 p.m. ET. It will also be available to watch online on Fox’s official website. You can stream “Pivoting” online via fuboTV or Hulu Plus. You can also rent or buy the show on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. New episodes premiere on Thursdays of each week. Each episode lasts an average of 22 minutes.

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