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Episode 9 of “Peacemaker” is all fans of the DC series seem to be wondering about right now. The eighth episode of Season 1 saw the titular character battle the butterflies with help from Harcourt, Vigilante, Economos, and Adebayo. The crew stops at the secret place where the butterflies keep their “cow”. Their goal of getting rid of the cow and exterminating the butterflies comes up against several challenges. Some of the challenges arise due to the obvious threat the enemies possess. Some of the challenges arise due to the self-sabotaging tendencies of the peacemaker and anyone with him (this tends to rub off on others).

With gags, gag reflexes, guns and gore aplenty, the finale featured an array of amusing sequences that carried with them the unique flair with which James Gunn inflicts all of his projects. The show proved to be a hit with fans as well as the general public. Season 2 of “Peacemaker” has already been renewed, reflecting the excellent reception given to the series. Now let’s dive into everything that happened in the finale and answer whether or not “Peacemaker” episode 9 will happen. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Peacemaker
Peacemaker (John Cena) | image credits: HBO Max

“Peacemaker” episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with Adebayo trying to apologize to Chris for planting the fake newspaper in his trailer. However, his apologies are drowned out by the sounds of mocking farts from Peacemaker and Vigilante. She does her best, but Chris is far too pissed at himself to accept an apology. The trauma of his father’s murder and the guilt harbored in his conscience for killing his brother prevent him from forgiving himself, let alone anyone. However, Chris isn’t the only one suffering a moral boost. Adebayo feels really bad and guilty for betraying a friend. Anyway, the van pulls up, and Harcourt receives them.

They have finally reached the place where the butterflies guard their cow. There is not much time left before they manage to transport the cow. The crew must infiltrate and get rid of the cow. However, the mission carries too many perils. Butterflies are everywhere in the hideout. Peacekeeper and company secretly observe the situation from the woods. The first plan is to use Peacemaker’s helmets to break in. The helmet they choose is that of the sonic boom. However, the plan to use Eagly to transport the helmet to the bunker and drop it off hilariously fails. Eagly wears the helmet and moves it out of the way, dropping it in the woods instead.

Infiltrate Butterflies

The crew must then find the helmet. During the search, Chris’ father appears as a vision. The trauma has affected Chris, and years of abuse and psychological trauma have now taken on a spiritual form. As he fires a poison dart at his hallucinated father, Harcourt arrives and notices the helmet. The plan resumes, but the first stage contains the most risk. Economos must infiltrate the bunker posing as one of the butterflies. Peacemaker quickly kills one and Economos dons the slain butterfly-human’s uniform.

A nervous and constantly delirious Economos heads for the bunker. One of the butterflies stops him, questioning him suspiciously. However, Economos manages to escape the situation somehow. When he enters the lower levels of the bunker, he witnesses the Colossal Caterpillar. This freaks him out, and after dealing with a kaiju in “The Suicide Squad”, he doesn’t want to deal with another. He drops the bag containing the helmet and rushes out of the bunker. The butterfly that took control of Fitz stops him again, and this time he asks about Economos’ beard. He asks why he used to dye it.

Economos finally admits to dying of his beard and gives an emotional response to why he’s doing this. We get a brief but strong and heartfelt moment of sadness and loneliness that Economos goes through, being an antisocial loner. Anyway, as he tries to get away, one of the butterflies comes out of the bunker carrying the helmet with him. The butterflies are on Economos as he tries to escape. As the butterflies jump on Economos, Adebayo activates the helmet. She causes the helmet to produce 4 sonic booms before it loses its charge, inflicting heavy damage to the butterflies.

Does Harcourt die in Peacemaker
Harcourt suffers brutal injuries in the Season 1 finale

Harcourt and Vigilante Chute

The gang is ready to roll with guns now. As Peacemaker fights his way inside the bunker, Vigilante and Harcourt occupy the butterflies outside. Soon, however, Harcourt and Vigilante are brutally shot and collapse. Harcourt’s condition appears near fatal when Adebayo decides to jump onto the pitch. She comes with guns. Economos also tries but breaks his femur just by tripping. He manages to crawl out and bring the Human Torpedo Helmet back to Adebayo. She puts on the helmet and goes inside to help Peacemaker. At first she tries to use the helmet to attack Goff, which goes horribly. Instead, she flies straight into a wall. Meanwhile, Goff tells Peacemaker they don’t want to kill him.

The Butterflies’ Plan and the Final Showdown

Goff tells Peacemaker to follow him and explains why butterflies do what they do. It turns out the butterflies came from a planet that had become uninhabitable due to similar populist and greedy rulers. They set out to save Earth on their own, guiding humanity in the direction they deemed fit for their survival. Goff tells Chris he’s the same, trying to achieve peace no matter the cost.

However, Chris has had quite the character development, unbeknownst to Goff. He shoots Goff/Song and Locke. He then uses Adebayo as a human torpedo, launching it into the cow/caterpillar’s stomach. As they emerge from the successful mission, the Justice League arrive, only to be cursed by Peacemaker. Harcourt is admitted to the hospital and survives, as does Vigilante. Adebayo finds his partner.

Who dies in Peacemaker
Peacemaker bearing Harcourt, with Economos, Adebayo and Vigilante after the battle with the butterflies

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 9 Release Date and Preview

“Peacemaker” episode 9 has no release date since the season had already ended with episode 8. The butterfly arc is over. The same goes for Peacemaker’s father, the white dragon. Peacemaker and the crew managed to kill Chris’ father, get rid of the butterfly “cow”, and do it before the Justice League even arrived on the scene. However, there are several arcs that have yet to see a conclusion.

Peacemaker’s father may be dead, but he lives on in the form of visions that haunt Peacemaker. The years of abuse are not easy to forget and forget. At the end of the Season 1 finale, we see Chris sitting on the porch with Eagly, Goff, and his father’s vision by his side. Season 2 will certainly see Chris come to terms with the mental baggage and struggles it harbors. Lots of therapy is in order.

Watch ‘Peacemaker’ Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 9 of “Peacemaker” will not be able to be watched anywhere for the above reasons. However, you can watch all Season 1 episodes online on HBO Max. The DCEU show is an HBO Max exclusive. That means you can’t watch it online anywhere else. Now that the season is over, it’s the perfect time to eat it all in one sitting. You can sign up for an HBO Max monthly plan for $9.99 (with ads). An ad-free subscription will cost you $14.99 per month. In Canada, “Peacemaker” will be available to watch online via Crave TV.

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