Peacemaker Ending Explained: What Happens To Task Force X After Peacemaker?


After a run of eight episodes, the first season of Peacemaker comes to an end making it the big DCEU TV premiere. Although the season ended in a fairly narrative fashion, the return of Justice League in the same and the appearance of the white dragon created some confusion among the public. Season 1 of The Peacemaker rolls to its own drumbeat, breaking away from the main DCEU storyline that was certainly hyped by James Gunn earlier before release. Considering this, Peacemaker Season 2 will be quite an icebreaker meeting some suspenseful endings.

Season 1 uncovers the major confusion of Judomaster helping the Butterflies when all of the Butterflies’ allies started avoiding them. Judomaster referred to by Goth is seen crying by the butterflies signifying the humanity within. Judomaster comes with the sign of humanity who believed in the peacemaker theory killing the cow was big business. As an eyewitness to the killing of humans in order to protect humanity, Judomaster explains the commendable sacrifice. However, the reason why a peacemaker doesn’t kill the gothic butterfly and has a continuous sight of the white dragon hints at some pretty difficult points to understand.


Peacemaker’s Justice League Cameo Gives Some Clues

Peacemaker is a rather different path for the DC channel. With Harcourt being carried out of the barn with the butterfly cow, the justice league is certainly making its way into the scenes. There’s absolutely no sign of Wonder Woman and Batman, and we can vividly see the small talk between Aquaman and The Flash. Plus, Aquaman’s sex life is talk in the peacemaker that ignites the little humor peacemaker brought to the table throughout the series.

The Peacemaker comes with some clues about future DCEU teams. In fact, the characters were to be introduced in the silhouette which should have clarified the teams, but the absence of Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill can be assumed the advent of the lineup for the cameo. Although after it was announced Fisher’s absence, it is entirely conceivable that Cyborg would not join the team. Warner’s Bros. and Ray Fisher announced that Fisher would not be seen in any further films after his treatment at the hands of Joss Whedon.

Also, there was no sign of Batman in the Peacemaker, giving a small hint that he must have reached as soon as Wonder Woman did. Bruce Wayne is surely dropping hints of his complexity in DC movies right now. But somehow the absence of batman in the cameo and even in the silhouette makes the peacemaker a bit vulnerable in front of DCEU TV shows. On the bright side, the Peacemaker kind of avoids speculation about the three’s presence in the shows.

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The meaning of the white dragon explained

White Dragon is always seen mocking the Peacemaker at times when he sees his father again and again. The white dragon taunts him telling him that killing his father will be of no use as he is the only reason for the peacemaker murders and he reminisces. Even after noticing that the father figure in the woods and then in the trailer is not actually his father, the peacemaker attempts to kill him with a blowgun. Although the comics paint a different picture of his father being not the White Dragon but the Nazi Wolfgang Schmidt. After meeting his father’s death at a very young age, the peacemaker is traumatized and is continually haunted by images of a white dragon in the movies.


Peacemaker Ending Explained

The Season 1 finale of Peacemaker ends with Adebayo holding a talk about Task Force X and Project Butterfly. This news may provide an optimistic background that the Task Force X branch of ARGUS would be shut down by the news ending the inhumane treatment of prisoners. Favpurong that, the small appearance of Viola Davis in the cameo rather than being the main character gives a hazy idea that there will be no Suicide Squad 3. Although there may never be an end to Argus and that people like Waller will exist forever. However, Task Force X and Waller will now be more public and less overbearing and inhumane towards prisoners. Ultimately, media representation meant chances to continue the discussion about whether prisoner operations were good or bad. And it’s possible the company will continue under a new name and new management. With the likes of Alex Jones pictured, Waller will struggle but learn to live in the new ecosystem. Now, the biggest suspense is where Task Force X and Waller will continue their reign. They will continue to operate in either Suicide Squad 3 or Peacemaker Season 2.

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