Pawan Kalyan slips and falls while fan tries to hug him

Pawan Kalyan slips and falls while fan tries to hug him
Pawan Kalyan slips and falls as a fan tries to hug him (Pic Credit: IMDb)

A video of Pawan Kalyan narrowly escaping his car while a fan tried to hug him during a public appearance in Narasapuram has gone viral. The actor-politician was soon back on his feet after he fell.

All this happened on Sunday, when Pawan Kalyan stood on the roof of his car to greet the people who had surrounded his convoy. A person from the crowd rushed to hug him, causing him to fall. It could have been a serious accident, but the actor was unharmed.

Pawan Kalyan was in Narasapuram on Sunday on behalf of his Janasena party. The town in the West Godavari district has a large number of fishermen who depend on farming an estuarine fish species known as Pulasa. They have been affected by a recent order from the government of Andhra Pradesh (GO) against which Pawan and his party are protesting.

As the video has gone viral, Pawan Kalyan’s fans and followers are sharing their concerns about the actor’s safety.

The overarching feeling was that it was very upsetting to see him get hurt. “If something bad happens, who is responsible? Fans should be reasonable,” Pawan Kalyan supporters told each other on social media.

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