Park Min Young Discusses Her Personality Type, Chemistry With Song Kang, and Forecasting Love And Weather


Office Kdramas queen Park Min Young is back with another big workplace drama, this time alongside Netflix son Song Kang. This Year Park Min Young Will Bring Us Weather Reports And Heartwarming Romance In Drama Forecast love and weather. The actress has gained cult popularity in the Kdrama industry, thanks to her phenomenal acting abilities. Unlike many other actors, Park Min Young has only played one supporting role in her decade-plus acting career. From being the nosy reporter in Healer, the badass bodyguard in City Hunter, to playing the tragic role of Queen Dangyeong in queen for seven daysPark Min Young has made every role she plays memorable.

Moreover, Park Min Young has great chemistry with the person she plays with. All of these factors add up to make Park Min Young one of the most sought-after actresses in the Kdrama industry. In a recent interview with CosmopolitanPark Min Young talked about her thought process when choosing a project, the challenges she faced in Forecast love and weather, and work with Song Kang. Keep reading to find out what Park Min Young had to say!

Park Min Young talks about working with Song Kang

When the news broke that the beautiful Park Min Young will be working with Song Kang in a rom-com, fans are sure to have completely lost their minds. For those of you living sadly under a rock, Song Kang is the new favorite bad boy in the Kdrama world. After playing leading roles in top kdramas such as love alarm, sweet homeand Navilleria which are all Netflix series, Song Kang earned himself the title of Netflix’s son. However, in Forecast love and weatherSong Kang stars as a clumsy but highly intelligent young employee at the National Weather Service headquarters.

Park Min Young cr: Cosmopoliton

On the one hand, Song Kang’s character, Lee Shi Woo, is extremely friendly, and on the other hand, Jin Ha Kyung played by Park Min Young is extremely dry. Talking about the difficulties she encountered in portraying her character, Jin Ha Kyung, she said that it was difficult to learn the technical terms of weather forecasting. Plus, there are plenty of roles to draw inspiration from when it comes to legal or medical drama. However, there weren’t many dramas or movies on the weather reports, so she stuck to watching documentaries. While working with Song Kang, Park Min Young said it was an easy slide because Song Kang is just as cheerful as her character in the drama.

Park Min Young Talks About His Off-Screen Personality And Upcoming Projects

The actress is known for her classy demeanor and attitude in the industry. When asked if she was a very serious off-screen person, Park Min Young laughed and revealed that she is an ENFP. Additionally, the actress said she was never a model student and loved to dance. She also revealed that, just as the MBTI suggests, she is a social butterfly among strangers. Next, Park Min Young talked about her early successes and what she looks for when choosing a project.

Park Min Young cr: Cosmopoliton

Regarding her rapid rise to fame, Park Min Young said that she considers it her responsibility and chooses her projects very carefully, to show how grateful she is. We have to agree with her on this one, because any kdrama with Park Min Young in the main cast automatically guarantees an amazing storyline, cinematography, and love story. On his current drama’Forecast love and weather‘ Park Min Young said the concept of two strangers with contrasting personalities really intrigued her. She further added that the drama includes all the good points that audiences look for in a workplace drama. We can’t wait to see Park Min Young cast her magic in ‘Forecast love and weather‘.

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