Our Beloved Summer Filming Locations: Can You Visit The Places?


Netflix Original K-drama Our Beloved Summer is adored by fans unconditionally. The drama has countless hilarious moments as well as emotional moments. It’s impressive how the actors, Choi Woong and Kim DaMi, have acted so real. Teenagers, sloth Choi Ung and topper Kook Yeon-Su won over fans in every way. And as they grew into adults, living incredible lives, the story became more and more interesting. For me, what was more incredible than their adult life was the fact that they dated. Opposites attract, but they seemed so similar too. Both were stubborn, childish and quick to react, it was just that Yeon-Su was good at holding back her feelings and staying a bit cold. Nevertheless, Ung was also silly never to tell her how much he loved her. After all, words of affirmation are an important part of a healthy relationship.

The drama has a good amount of sites that you can, in fact, YOU MUST visit. From high school to parks. Here’s your complete list of must-see tours based on the K-drama, Our Beloved Summer.

Our beloved summer filming locations

Our beloved summer filming location

Many beautiful locations in Seoul, South Korea were used for the filming of Our Beloved Summer. The cinematography is impressive and the choice of location gives me a good impression of the team. Overall, a great job is being done by the whole team.

Choong Ang High School, Seoul

Located in Jong-ro near Samcheongdong-Gil, Choongang High School is a famous filming location in South Korea. One of the very popular “Winter Sonata” series was shot only in Choongang High School.

This high school was also a filming location for Our Beloved Summer. In Our Beloved Summer, high school life is an important part of the story. Ung and Kook met in high school, and their documentary that brought them together was also rooted in high school.

K Drama Our Beloved Summer
Kook and Ung, in high school, during the filming of the documentary.

Maedang, Jeollabuk-do

Jeollabuk-do is the province of South Korea. Like the whole country, this place is an incredible attraction for tourists. However, taking into account Our beloved summer, The Ung Family Restaurant in Our Beloved Summer is actually Maedang. You can spot the restaurant in the first episode itself. The restaurant has classic Korean architecture, which makes it even more appealing.

You can visit the place every day and taste delicious Korean food. Active hours are 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

Where is Our Beloved Summer filmed?
Kim Ji-Ung and Choi Ung in front of the restaurant

Jang-an Park, South Korea

In Episode 2 of Our Beloved Summer, there is a flashback to when Ung and Kook Yeon-su were dating. They were in a park reading books while Kook had his head resting on Ung’s leg. As much as I loved that scene, I saw the fight coming. And it happened! They ended up fighting. Ung wasn’t very verbal about her affection for Kook and it pissed her off in the park scene.

In reality, this park where they had a low-key romantic picnic was Jang-an Park, Suwon, in reality.

The park is naturally beautiful and well maintained by the people. If you ever go to Seoul with your significant other, plan a picnic there.

Our beloved summer

The adorable and crazy cast of our beloved summer

The main roles are Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-su. The crazy teenagers are totally different from each other who somehow fall in love and after a long relationship they break up. Choi Woo-shik introduced zero academia scene guy who happens to be a great “Go-oh” artist, Choi Ung on the show. Meanwhile, Kim Da Mi played the role of independent and serious lady Kook Yeon-Su, the best in high school.

Besides our crazy couple, we also see Kim Sung Cheol playing Kim Ji-ung, Choi Ung’s best friend. Ji-ung also works as a producer in the second part of Ung and Kook’s documentary. The two Ungs share a sweet bond of true friendship. Kim Ji-ung even kidnaps the couple to shoot the documentary at one point.

Stunning Beauty Roh Jeong-eui played NJ in the series. She is a famous idol and later develops feelings for Choi Ung. Another true friend of Choi Ung is Gu Eun-ho, played by Ahn Dong-goo; he is also the manager of Ung.

Some other great actors in the series are Park Won-sang Seo Jeong Yeon, Park Jin-Joo, and more.

Our Beloved Summer Cast

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