“No wonder people thought marriage was a lie”

Sofia Hayat talks about her bestie Rakhi Sawant's divorce from her husband Ritesh
Sofia Hayat says Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh needs help while the dancer needs to be healed (Photo Credit – Rakhi Sawant, Sofia Hayat / Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant shocked everyone by revealing that she is separated from her husband and Bigg Boss 15 contestant Ritesh. The dancer shared the unfortunate news on her Instagram, revealing that it was their mutual decision to part ways so that they can both enjoy life separately. Meanwhile, her bestie, Sofia Hayat, comes out to support the former Bigg Boss contestant and says her husband needs help, while Rakhi needs healing.

In her statement, Rakhi claimed that she learned a few things after coming out of the house. Even though she tried to save their relationship, but things were out of her control. She also claims that she feels heartbroken when he left her on Valentine’s Day.

As quoted by ETimes, talking about Rakhi Sawant’s divorce from Ritesh, Sofia Hayat says she remembers how her former husband, Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu, turned out to be a con man and stole expensive things from her post-marriage. “I think my friend Rakhi is a sweet person and he (Ritesh) took advantage of her.”

Sofia Hayat further shared: “I suggest that Rakhi Sawant forget about him. Men who lie always lie. Her husband needs help. Rakhi also needs healing. She has been living a lie. No wonder people thought marriage was a lie, because it is. He lied. Rakhi probably doesn’t understand what true love is anymore, and she will need healing. I am sending her healing at this stage of her life so that she can discern right from wrong and truth from falsehood.”

“Truth always wins in the end and a lie always gets caught. It is a great awakening to see the truth, because anyone who can see the truth can see God. I’ve seen Rakhi’s posts on Instagram about God and Jesus. Let the light of love and truth shine on her. I send her my blessings and my angels to help her through this time.”

Sofia Hayat concludes by saying, “I think Rakhi Sawant should love himself. She gives so much to others. Even in her performances in Bigg Boss, she just gives. As a performer she gives so much energy to her audience and as a friend and lover.”

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