No Way Home Actor Tobey Maguire Reveals Why He Immediately Agreed To Be In Multiverse

Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tobey Maguire breaks silence on what led him to return to the movie
Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tobey Maguire explains why he returned (Photo Credit – Wikipedia; Spider-Man: No Way Home poster)

Tobey Maguire has finally broken his silence on what made him return for Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s no longer a spoiler that the latest Tom Holland movie had a surprising cameo from the former Spideys, Andrew Garfield and Maguire. This has led to people flocking into theaters to see all three wall crawlers in action, battling the original villains.

Even though there have been leaks and rumors about the surprise cameo of three Spideys in No Way Home, Marvel fans loved seeing Holland, Garfield and Maguire share the screen. Now Tobey, who was the first actor to land the role in Sony’s films, has candidly told why he returned.

Spider-Man’s official YouTube channel has released an interview video of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. In the interview, the The Great Gatsby actor revealed why he returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home: “I went and met Amy and Kevin and talked about it… They were just teasing it.”

“I think Amy said, ‘We’d love to talk to you, and you know what this is about.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, sure. Let’s chat,'” added Spider-Man Now Way Home actor Tobey Maguire. “I was immediately intrigued. In that conversation, the intent, the kind of love and celebration of these movies, and what it meant, I think for Amy and Kevin, was clear,” he said.

“For me, as artists or people directing the creative process have some kind of authentic, heartfelt intent of celebration and love, it was so obvious in both that I just wanted to join in,” Tobey continued. “I’m a big fan of Tom and those movies and Andrew. So it was certainly intriguing. But then again, I also thought: ‘Well, what are we going to do?’ And that was a bit mysterious.”

“I appreciated what was being shared. But it was really about getting together with these people, rethinking what was part of my history and getting the chance to get together,” Tobey Maguire said. There are also personal things, which are sort of an intention or a way of rethinking and… I’m not sure how to say it. It’s just to come back to that, and I don’t want to say that the chapter should be closed… But look again and make certain intentions and just join this loving creative spirit,” the Spider-Man told: No Way Home actor continues.

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