NMIXX Debut! The Latest JYP Girl Group’s Upcoming Schedules!


JYP Entertainment’s brand new girl group NMIXX has finally released their first music video for OO! At the same time, they released their first EP ‘AD MARE’. Unfortunately, the first showcase that was supposed to take place on the same day as the first release was postponed due to members Bae and Kyujin being diagnosed with COVID19. Therefore, fans have to wait a little longer to see OO’s live performance in all its glory. But fear not, because JYP Ent. has left no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their new girl group offering. From radio shows to variety shows to magazines, fans have a whole lot of material to look forward to and see the charms of the girls.

In case you need a reminder, NMIXX is a new girl group from JYP Ent. NMIXX is the sister group of other JYP legends like TWICE, 2PM, Stray Kids and NiziU. The names of the members are Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. We’ve compiled a list of various NMIXX promotional activities to look forward to, but first be sure to watch NMIXX’s first music video for OO on YouTube here.

NMIXX debuts on Weekly Idol

NMIXX will be making an appearance on the MBC Weekly Idol variety show very soon. The Weekly Idol Twitter account is duly adding to the fans’ excitement for NMIXX’s debut by posting various selfies of the members and also posting numerous pre-release clips of the NMIXX members showing off their singing and dancing skills. Catch the Weekly Idol pre-release clip of Sullyoon doing a dance cover of Full Moon (originally by ex-Wonder Girls Sunmi) here. Weekly Idol has released another clip from the show of Lily and Haewon doing a sung cover of Naomi Scott’s Speechless – watch it here.

nmixx debut
NMIXX for weekly idol | cr: Weekly Idol Twitter

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NMIXX on DAZED magazine

NMIXX collaborated with luxury fashion brand PRADA and Korean version of DAZED & CONFUSED magazine. The magazine will be released on the 28and from February 2022. DAZED Korea keeps promoting their collaboration with NMIXX as they have released several group and individual images, YouTube videos which you can check out here. An interesting note: of the individual teaser videos shown on the DAZED YouTube channel, the video with the maximum number of views belongs to Lily!

nmixx debut
NMIXX posing for DZED Korea | credit: DAZED/JYP

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NMIXX’s debut on Melon Radio

NMIXX has been confirmed to appear on Korean radio station Melon Radio’s “Today’s Music” at 6 p.m. KST on their debut day. NMIXX members will take the infamous MBTI psychological test to determine their personality types – Melon previously revealed that Sullyoon is the only member with an I (Introvert) and Kyujin the only member with a J (Judging) in their personality type. . To analyse. They will also read the letters they have written about their aspirations and future goals.

nmixx debut
NMIXX | Cr: Melon Korea / JYP

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NMIXX’s debut on hello82!

NMIXX is going to be a guest in the popular K-pop content creation machine hello82! the 28thand from February 2022 at 11:00 KST. Hello82 didn’t reveal much except for a video of NMIXX themselves promising their fans lots of new content and greeting overseas fans in their native language.

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NMIXX on Studio Choom

Studio Choom released a teaser of a dance performance of NMIXX’s debut song oo on their Youtube channel. The video has already garnered 255,000 views despite only being released today! Fans are clearly very much looking forward to the charisma and stage presence that NMIXX will bring to the dance floor. Although STUDIO CHOOM hasn’t released a full video release date, you can watch the electrifying teaser below.

Phew! That’s a lot of events to look forward to, and I hope more will come so that we fans can get to know the charismatic members of NMIXX better. Last but not least, NMIXX challenged their fans with a TikTok dance challenge called #OOchallenge. To learn the dance, you can watch NMIXX’s first music video for OO on YouTube.

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