NMIXX Bae Tests Positive for COVID-19


Bae Jin Sol, aka BAE from JYP Entertainment’s upcoming girl group NMIXX, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. According to JYP Ent.’s announcement bulletin, Bae showed symptoms of a sore throat on the evening of February 16, prompting all members to take self-test kits. After Bae’s kit came back positive, the members went over the PCR tests at the hospital the next day (February 17). The results of this came back positive for Bae, so she was diagnosed with COVID-19. The other members – Kyujin, Jiwoo, Jinni, Sullyoon, Haewon and Lily – tested negative and are in solitary confinement.

JYP Ent. also reported that all planned pre-start activities that were conducted by NMIXX prior to this were done after verifying negative results from the self-test kits. All NMIXX members received the second dose of the COVID vaccines. NMIXX Bae has been reported to have no other symptoms except for a mild fever and a sore throat. She is currently self-isolating and receiving treatment in accordance with authorized quarantine guidelines. As a result, NMIXX’s first showcase has been postponed.

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NMIXX’s First Showcase Postponed

The agency informed that the NMIXX Debut Single ‘AD MARE’ will be released on the 22ndn/a of February (Tuesday) as planned. However, the NMIXX Debut Showcase called ‘New Frontier: AD MARE’ which was scheduled to take place on the same day has been postponed to 1st of March (Tuesday).

bae nmixx
Concept Photo Teasure for NMIXX ‘AD MARE’ Debut | credit: JYP Ent.

NMIXX is JYP Entertainment’s latest girl group with seven members – Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Jiwoo, Bae, and Kyujin. It was reported that the members don’t have fixed roles as they are all singing, dancing and rapping aces. NMIXX is JYP’s first girl group since NiziU’s debut in 2020. The teaser for their debut music video for OO has already been released and trending in South Korea, so be sure to check it out on Youtube!

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