NFL hires Loretta Lynch to defend it in Brian Flores lawsuit


Loretta Lynch

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Guilty people tend to do guilty things. The simple do stupid things, like returning to the crime scene. The smarter ones will appoint someone from their accuser’s group to defend them. The NFL does a lot of stupid things, but they’ve never been stupid. Hiring Loretta Lynch as Counsel is proof of that, and it is proof of how far they will go to keep white supremacy alive within their league.

The announcement that the first black woman to ever serve as United States Attorney General would defend the NFL in a case in which black man Brian Flores risked his career and livelihood to hold the league accountable for their mistreatment and neglected black coaches for decades was a blow to many.

Black people were angry. White people were confused. And people of all colors seemed to fall for the deception. The NFL called a play-action pass and everyone bit on the run.

Lynch is not the problem here. Lawyers, especially black ones, have to go against their moral code to do their job every day. Defending someone they think or know is guilty is part of it. And as historic and powerful as it was for the first black president to appoint the first black female attorney general, let’s not forget that the job description of that role is the “the country’s top law enforcement officer‘, which is why it is so often referred to as the country’s ‘top agent’.

Top. police officer

Marinate on that.

The anger and disappointment people feel about Lynch’s decision to defend the NFL isn’t wrong, just misplaced. The energy towards Lynch must be transferred to her new employer. They are the ones who created a league that is 70 percent black, where 24 of the 32 teams have had only one or zero black coaches. The Bills, Commanders, Cowboys, Falcons, Giants, Jaguars, Panthers, Patriots, Rams, Ravens, Saints, Seahawks and the Titans have not had a black head coach at all. Loretta Lynch is not the reason why the NFL has had only two black club presidents, currently only seven black general managers and only two African American coaches. Mike McDaniel does not count as he identifies as “human

The NFL has built this system of racism within their league and it starts at the top with the owners — who Flores is really targeting in his lawsuit. There’s a reason this league never had a black majority, because that would mean America is okay with America’s favorite sport, in America’s most profitable league that was responsible for 75 of the 100 most-watched programs in America in 2021are fine with someone black having so much money and power to influence how America’s game is played.

Here’s why it was so laughable when some got excited about the potential of that change when it was reported Byron Allen and Robert F. Smith can be bidders for the Denver Broncos, giving one of them the chance to become the NFL’s first black owner. And that’s not to say that Allen and Smith don’t have the money, skill, or intellect to do so. They are both more than worthy. Only the NFL doesn’t play that.

This is a league that Lynch just hired to defend them in a lawsuit stemming from racism just a few years after handling a collusion case of Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid that also involved racism.

This is a competition with former and current coaches like Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick mock Trump at his parties over Super Bowl weekend. Never forget that Belichick’s boss – patriot owner Bob Kraft – was caught in a… prostitution and sex trafficking sting just two years ago.

This is a competition where someone like MicheLe Tafoya can be considered a feminist hero for being a sideline reporter after earning a big living off the backs of black athletes, all to immediately that attacks Kaepernick and Black America in retirement.

This is who the NFL has always been and who they are today. So while I understand why people are mad at Loretta Lynch. I would much prefer it if people were more angry with the competition putting themselves in such a bad position that Loretta Lynch is the only option they have.

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