NFL ALL DAY Marketplace is finally opening


Tomorrow is the DAY customers have been waiting for. The highly anticipated ALL DAY marketplace opens. Today we bring you everything you need to know for tomorrow.


NFL ALL DAY Marketplace quick hits

NFL ALL DAY Marketplace:

Tomorrow (2/22) NFL ALL DAY will open its highly anticipated marketplace to buyers and sellers. Very different from how they rolled out NBA Top Shot, the market was not open during their beta testing. After purchasing your pack, you could only keep them within your collection.

If you’d like to take a look at the new marketplace, you can find it here. At first glance, I enjoy the simple, dark, easy-to-use feel and look. I’m sure it will have regular updates but like the first look and feel.

While neither has been bought nor sold, they have opened a supply of holders for a short period of time. That gave potential buyers a picture of the market that is determined by holders, now we have to wait and see whether there is demand from buyers. Remember that Beta was very exclusive in the beginning and selected a select few Dapper users. This means there must be a lot of demand for older moments from buyers that you didn’t get to participate in early in this NFL season.

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Quick Hits:

The launch date is tomorrow, but the time is still TBD, according to their latest Discord announcement. Keep an eye on their Discord for the latest information on the exact time the marketplace will officially open. It gets wild when the buying and selling starts. I expect the site to have interruptions similar to the ones Top Shot STILL experiences at times. Remember to be patient and understand that this is part of using a beta platform. Major purchases can be made tomorrow. I’ve taken a moment to review the current offerings and it seems there are some very underrated moments right now. As we know with NFTs, the value is in the eye of the new buyer. Tomorrow will shed a lot of light on the value holders have for these moments. It must be said that these are all Series 1 moments, the first of their kind. If NFL ALL DAY becomes as successful as people think, their first set will be highly sought after. It will be fun to see where ALL DAY takes this project in the future. I imagine they implement some fantasy football aspect in ALL DAY next season. With NFTs, the possibilities are limitless, especially with the NFL and their loyal fan base.

Will you be going to the new marketplace tomorrow when it opens?
Let us know who you plan to collect in the comment section!

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