New Original Anime ‘Yurei Deco’ Announced


As time passes and we go through the year, many surprises await us that have not yet been revealed. So far, we have welcomed a wide range of newly released anime like “Slow Loop”, “My Dress-Up Darling”, “Tokyo 24th Ward”, “In the Land of Leadale”, and many more. Among these anime series, a brand new series will be added very soon. A new original anime series from Science Saru Studio was announced recently. The upcoming anime is titled “Yurei Deco” and will provide a completely unique plot. As of now, the new anime will appear as a 2022 summer anime. The rest of the details about it are discussed in more detail.

Science Saru studio has provided us with many amazing anime series which showed how amazing these works are. Along with this upcoming original, some new projects from the studio include starring movies and other anime series. A feature film titled “Tatami Time Machine Blues” will be released this year. As for the anime series, ‘Tatami Time Machine Blues’ and ‘Yurei Deco’ will be the new releases from the studio. Since things are getting exciting and we are willing to keep up to date with these ongoing releases. So, let’s get into the details or the Science Saru and Yurei Deco studio.

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About Science Saru

Science Saru is a Japan-based animation studio that creates new anime series every day. The studio was established on February 4, 2013, and it has been nine years since it released many amazing anime series. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, and serves as the hub for the rest of its base across the country. The studio was founded by Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi, and the current President and CEO is Eunyoung Choi. So far, the studio has produced feature films, anime series, episodes of series from other studios, as well as co-productions. The studio debuted with animating the episode of popular American anime series “Adventure Time” in 2014. Later that year, the studio worked on starring films like “Crayon Shin-chan: Intense Battle !” Robo Dad Strikes Back’ and ‘Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie’.

Science Saru announced a new anime series
Saru Science

Science Saru Studio Works

‘Space Dandy’ and ‘Wha’s Debikuro? – Promotional episodes” are some of the later works of 2014. Recently, the series worked on an ongoing anime series from last year, “The Heike Story” and “Star Wars: Vision”. To continue its 9-year legacy of excellent work, the studio has announced a new anime for the year 2022. The series titled “Yurei Deco” is an original work, and no further information about it has been released until ‘now. Apart from that, an upcoming work that includes the studio’s adaptation of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ graphic novel is also in the queue. The Scott Pilgrim anime adaptation is said to be directed by Abel Gongora, produced by Eunyoung Choi, and its screenplay is given by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The studio is expected to drop further information quickly as fans are already fussing.

Science Saru announced a new original anime series
Science Saru Studio Works

Yurei anime original deco announcement

Later on February 20, Sunday 2022, Science Saru Studio announced the release of an upcoming anime series. The announcement was posted on the studio’s official Twitter page. They addressed the upcoming anime to an original titled “Yurei Deco.” Along with this statement, a short teaser of the upcoming project was also released. The short video didn’t give any indication of the series’ characters or visuals and acted as an actual teaser. The personnel, as well as the voice actors who would work in the series, have not yet been disclosed.

The tweet mentioned the phrase “11/11” and also included sending lots of love to everyone for this year. Since it will be released as a summer anime of 2022, its release is scheduled for July 2022. So we can expect the series to be a sweet romantic anime as the teaser was also made with hot pink shades and red. However, nothing can be confirmed without an official word from the creators. So, from now on, we will stop the matter here and wait for further news from Science Saru Studio on ‘Yurei Deco’.

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