New Manga ‘Earthchild’ Published In Shonen Jump


While all the popular anime studios are releasing their new projects for 2022, the new manga are nowhere to be found until Shonen Jump Magazine announces a release for this year. Straight from the house of Shueisha Publications we will see a new manga titled “Earthchild” or “Chikyu no Ko” as they announced with a PV. According to the announcements, you will be able to see the new manga series by this year, so wait until we reveal everything announced by the creators. Shueisha, Japan’s leading publishing house, has been publishing great works by many authors for quite some time. The publishing house has been operating for 72 years now and has given tough competition to its competitors. Kodansha, Square Enix, Shogakukan and Shueisha are the leading manga publications in Japan.

Shueisha is popular for publishing a wide range of manga magazines that always give readers a good read. His main manga magazines include Jump SQ, V Jump, Weekly Young Jump, Grand Jump, Ultra Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump. Last year, series like “Ayashimon,” “Blue Box,” “Doron Dororon,” and “PPPPPP” were featured in Weekly Shonen Jump. Each of the years has increased its fan base, and we can expect an anime adaptation in the future. Now, this popular manga magazine will publish series like “Akane-Banashi” and “Earthchild (Chikyu no ko)”. Of these, Earthchild has already become highly anticipated, and avid Shonen Jump readers are waiting for it to drop.

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About Weekly Shonen Jump

Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine was first published on February 1, 1968. At that time, it first serialized the series titled “Kujira Daigo”. It was compiled into 11 issues and concluded in the same year. After that, the legacy didn’t end and it became Shueisha Publications’ best-selling manga magazine. If we go into the statistics, about 6.53 million copies of the magazine are sold per week in Japan. Not only that, but the magazine also received many North American counterparts. He also crossed the media franchise which includes anime and video games and worked to bring all the shonen characters together.

Weekly Shonen Jump Mag
Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine

New Earthchild Manga Plot

The upcoming Earthchild manga series is also known as Chikyu no Ko. It will be based on action and romance concepts. These things are evident from the plot, which seems interesting enough to draw readers in. The next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine – Earthchild is written by Hideo Shinkai. Under its illustration and art, the series will appear in the magazine in February 2022. The particular date of the manga has not yet been released, but you can expect it to be announced soon. The plot of the manga will progress, keeping a superhero who protects the earth. It will get complicated when an ordinary human being falls in love with the superhero. Their background, background, and abilities are all different, so will they continue their romance?

Earthchild Manga PV Released
Earthchild Manga Visuals

New PV of the manga “Earthchild”

According to the expectations of this new manga, it is going to hit the ground running and come out as the big hit of 2022. The promotional video for the manga was released on the official Jump Comics channel on February 20, 2022. It gives some of the basic design of the character and a clue in the plot. The images and characters already look so pretty that fans will already start demanding an anime adaptation.

Since the names of the protagonists are leaked, we will explain the PV in this way. At the start of the PV, the superhero who is our female protagonist protected the Earth male protagonist from getting run over by a truck. She lifts it in the air, and by this scene, our male MC is amazed and seems to have already fallen in love with her. Also, it has a preview of the manga scenes and images, which looks quite good and interesting. How will their first meeting go? How will the identity of a superhero be revealed? How will their love story evolve? Everything will be cleared at the exit and the day is not very far away.

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