‘Naked And Afraid Season 14 Episode 1’ Release Date: Wilder Than Previous Seasons


Naked and Afraid is one of the most bizarre and fierce competition shows on television, if not the most bizarre. Two candidates meet for the first time and must live in a harsh environment for 14 or 21 days, according to Discovery. To build shelter, search for food, hunt animals, and get water, the two must work together. And they had to do it without wearing anything.

Each season takes some of the brave men and women to places where the mere presence of competitors is enough to make them fearful. From the grim mountains of Chiapas to the abandoned villages of Botswana to the terrifying cave system of Columbia, this season promises to be more entertaining for audiences while challenging survivors.

According to Amazon Prime, the Discovery Channel hit wrapped its 13th season in September 2021, with just six episodes. The final followed two fans in South Africa as they attempted a 14-day challenge in the face of Cape buffaloes, torrential rains and erratic weather conditions. Of course, the thrilling conclusion only kept “Naked and Afraid” viewers happy for a short time. Viewers are now speculating how long it will take until the Season 14 premiere on Discovery+.

What to expect from Naked and Afraid Season 14 Episode 1?

Discovery officials have talked about the upcoming season, saying it will be unlike any other season ever seen. They also stated that Naked And Afraid Season 14 will be considerably more challenging than previous seasons, making the conflict between humans and mother nature even more exciting and engrossing to watch. This is how the next chapter could stand out from the rest.

Naked And Afraid Season 14 Episode 1
It’s not easy as it looks

It also looks like viewers will be treated to several premieres. Indeed, for the first time in history, a duo will have to work together despite a language barrier. But Naked and Afraid isn’t the only thing they’re doing for the first time. Season 14 will also feature the show’s first transgender woman, as well as another contestant with Asperger’s Syndrome, according to Discovery. This season also includes an episode in which the children of two Naked and Afraid All-Stars strive to compete against their parents. They participate in a 14-day challenge in Mexico, comparable to the one featured on the show.

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Cast and locations

The show is accepting applications through an internet portal, according to a casting director for the show who spoke to Channel Guide Mag. According to the casting director, the number of applicants increases every year, but only a small percentage of them are qualified. Everyone who participates in the show must have a lot of survival experience. Applicants must be able to demonstrate to growers that they can start a fire in more than one way, eg. They must also be able to build shelters and feed themselves.

The “Naked and Afraid” showrunners will have to create new settings for season 14 in addition to overseeing a massive casting process. This may seem implausible at the moment, given that the program has already traveled to 35 countries on six continents. While producers may revert to some of their previous settings, don’t be shocked if they discover a few new ones.

When will Naked And Afraid Season 14 Episode 1 be released?

The first episode of the all-new season of Naked and Afraid will air on Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 8 p.m. EST. The timing of the release, on the other hand, will vary depending on the geographic region. This season, will survivalists be able to withstand the weather and deadly wildlife? It is the ultimate fight between man and nature in its most primitive form.

Naked And Afraid Season 14 Episode 1
Naked And Afraid Season 13

The program would have a lot to represent during this time, and it’s not just for the sake of the viewers. Although there will be more surprises in the future. So, it remains to be seen how the latest installment will perform on the big screen and what kind of reception it will have over time. In the latest episode, a lot is at stake for players.

Where to Watch Naked And Afraid Season 14 Episode 1 – Streaming Details

Want to catch up on previous seasons? No problem – you can see all previous seasons (including season 13) on Discovery Plus to watch previous episodes of Naked and Afraid before the premieres of season 14. Naked and Afraid is available on Hulu, Fubo TV, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. And, of course, it’s not free; you’ll need to subscribe to one of these streaming services to watch each episode as it airs. It will also air on the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. EST the old fashioned way.

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