Nadiya Hussain’s Net Worth: How Much Does The Professional Chef Earn?


British author and chef Nadiya Hussain is a world famous celebrity. With books, shows and stuff, she must have a good net worth, so what is the net worth of Nadia Hussain? How much does the British author of Bangladeshi origin earn per year? Winner of the 6th season of The Great British Bake-off, she rocketed to national fame. With 11 award nominations of different types and winning some of them, it was about time we looked into the details of Nadiya Hussain’s net worth.

With an almost controversy-free career, Nadiya Hussain carries a positive and clean image within the fraternity. Moreover, she is also an MBE. For those unaware, MBE is the highest order provided by the British Empire. So let’s dive in and try to find out what Nadiya Hussain (MBE) net worth is.

What is Nadiya Hussein’s net worth?

Since the income streams are unclear, we can say that the net worth of Nadiya Hussain is $5 million.. There is also uncertainty regarding his fixed salary. We know that his net worth is $5 million. Besides being a journalist, chef and creator, Nadiya Hussain has also written for TIME magazine. Born on December 25, 1984 (that’s right. Christmas Eve) in the City of London, Nadiya Hussain carries Bangladeshi ancestry. Married in 2004 initially, in 2018 tear Nadiya Hussein remarried her husband.

Nadiya Hussein – Youth, Relationships and Family

His father owned an Indian-themed restaurant in the UK. Therefore, cooking was one of the first things that eventually turned out to be her profession. His dad was also a chef, BTW. Nadiya completed her initial training with an open diploma. She graduated in Child and Youth Studies. Growing up, she struggled with issues like anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental health issues. She also underwent cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This might explain why she ended up choosing the subject of youth and childhood studies.

Nadiya Hussain is a humble and quite friendly person. His life, constantly in the spotlight, has been sheltered from all sorts of controversy. Mother of 3 children, including 2 sons and a daughter; her husband, Mr. Hussein, is a technical engineer specializing in computer science. Nadiya Hussain received the MBE (Member of the British Empire), a British distinction awarded by the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Nadiya Hussain family
Nadiya Hussain family

Nadiya Hussein – Career, notable achievements

Nadiya Hussain, a chef by profession and interest, used to host and present cooking shows. Interestingly but not surprisingly, Nadiya got her national and world fame when she won the 6and edition of the Great British Bake Off. Nadiya also presented previous versions of the show and judged the Junior edition of the show.

Nadiya and her recipes have gained well-deserved recognition. In the years to come, Nadiya used her culinary expertise to establish her name among the most sought-after celebrities. She then presented two gastronomic travelogues which gathered millions of viewers. She returned to her roots (Bangladesh) as part of the travelogue, and in the revised edition took a trip to Britain and parts of Europe. The travelogues were titled: The Chronicles of Nadiya (2016) and Nadiya’s British Culinary Adventure (2017).

Nadiya Hussain and the BBC continued their relationship with Nadiya, also working as the BBC’s Good Food editor. Additionally, his recipes and chef ideas have also made their way to The telegraph, the watchmanand other major media in Britain.

Nadiya Hussain is also an author. She published her own recipes in the form of a cookbook. The book includes personalized recipes from Nadiya herself. The book was titled Nadiya’s kitchen. She also co-wrote the book Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, a paperback adaptation of her original travelogue.

Nadiya also wrote her autobiography titled Find my voice. Nadiya has written in the genre of cooking and fiction. Apart from that, she has also worked on the adaptations of classic children’s tales in a more modern way. Nadiya Hussain has won numerous nominations over the years for her stellar career in television and a remarkable career as an author. With over a dozen nominations, she has won 5 times. It included 3 prizes for its 2018 gastronomic travel diary Nadiya’s British Culinary Adventure.

Nadiya Hussain used CBT to treat her anxiety issues
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Nadiya Hussien is also the brand ambassador for Starlight Children Foundation as well as Water Aid Foundation. With so much accomplished in 5-6 years, we can only expect his net worth to grow by $5 million.

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