‘My Teenage Girl’ Episode 12: Release Date & Spoilers


Episode 12 of My Teenage Girl is only a few days away from our screens! The previous episode was yet another episode filled with spectacular performances from the contestants. The head-to-head competition in the semi-finals continued in the 11th episode with Minami snatching the spot from Kim Hyun Hee after portraying Camila Cabello’s Havana. Girl Generation’s Yuri had given a lot of advice and perfected Minami’s performance which ultimately led to her victory. Another challenger who snatched the team’s top spot was Hong Hye Ju after performing 2NE1’s Come Back Home with Yoo Seung Joo. Even Myung Hyung Seo had worked his way into the first team after competing with Kim Ri Won while performing TWICE’s Feel Special.

We could basically see how much effort the two of them had put into their training. On top of that, the first team embers who were able to secure the positions were Chae Won, Park Bo Eun, and Kim Yu Yeon. Speaking of Kim Yu Yeon, she received mixed reactions from fans. Many say that although she is very pretty and has an attractive aura, she is not as talented as the other contestants on the show. Even the teachers were baffled after she and Ji Woo finished their performance as IU’s Leon. Many viewers agree that it would be best for Yu Yeon to improve her basic skills, otherwise she will receive a lot of hate once she debuts. Keep reading to know all about the release date, streaming details and predictions for My Teenage Girl Episode 12.

My Teenage Girl Episode 11 Recap

My Teenage Girl Episode 12 is going to be very nerve-wracking. The audience of the survival show is waiting with bated breath to see who will win the show once and for all and make their debut. In the latest episode, besides the jaw-dropping performances from the contestants, fans had to say goodbye to many of their favorites. Of the 14 challenges, seven made it to the finals, while the remaining seven were disqualified. These results were obtained by online voting from December 13, 2021 to January 19, 2022. Thanks to this, Lee Ji Woo, Yoon Seung Joo and many others were disqualified.

My teenage girl episode 12
Disqualified Contestants Yoo Seung Jo, Kim Ha Ri, And More credit: MBC

According to the votes, the finalists were seven challengers Kim Ri Won, Kim Sun Yoo, Won Ji Min, Kim Yeon Seo, Lee Mi Hee, Kim Hyun Hee, Lee Young Chae, and teal second lineup members Chae Woon. , Yoo Ju, Minami, Park Bo Eun, Myung Hyung Seo, and Kim Yu Yeon. The challengers will again try to take over a first place in the team from one of the first team members. We are already aware of the tension that will reign as the final approaches. Who will be able to make their way into the rookie women’s group, and who will unfortunately be disqualified? Keep watching to see what happens next in My Teenage Girl!

My Teenage Girl Episode 12 Release Date

My Teenage Girl Episode 12 will be released on February 27, this Sunday. The wait for the finale of My Teenage Girl had been very long. Due to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the eleventh episode had been postponed, which later caused the final to be postponed. The original release date for the 12th episode was February 13. By now, if the episodes hadn’t been delayed, we would have known who the first team was. Cross your fingers and see if your favorites make it to the first team!

My teenage girl episode 12
Tae Rim cr: MBC

Watch My Teenage Girl Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

My Teenage Girl airs on Korean channel MBC at 8:20 p.m. KST every Sunday. Starting off with 83 contestants, the show has now come to 14 contestants who will fight to be part of the new girl group. You can watch the show exclusively on Rakuten Viki or Kocowa. Keep in mind that both of these streaming sites require a subscription and Kocowa only works in North and South America regions. So mark your calendar for the finale of My Teenage Girl!

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