My Liberation Diary: All About the Cast & Streaming Platforms


My Liberation Diary is an upcoming South Korean drama series that has captured media attention in several intriguing ways. It’s internet buzz, and the show’s main attraction is its composition. Depicting the genres of romance, life, and family, the drama series tells the story of three Yeom siblings who seek any kind of escape from their stuffy lives.

They are desperate for freedom, but fate is simply not in their favor. One day when a mysterious drunk and a degenerate man walk into their town, their lives take a new turn. The show is going to bring a lot of emotions and critical moments in life that are going to be beautiful, and there are going to be meaningful lessons for everyone.

My release diary: the actors and their characters

Let’s take a look at the cast and characters of “My Liberation Diary” before discussing its release date and streaming details.

Lee Min Ki

Lee Min-Ki will play the role of Yeom Chang Hee, who is the second of the trio of siblings. He is someone with a very closed personality and who has neither dreams nor wishes. He always prefers to tell the truth without filtering any of his words. This quality of him made him unlikable to a lot of people there.

My Liberation Diary: All About Distribution and Streaming Platforms
Lee Min Ki

He is someone who is constantly ignored in the house, and his presence is hardly recognized by anyone. Chang Hee had always hoped to move to the city and mingle with the exciting part of the world. But his plans never worked out in his favor. Although he is sometimes aimless, dreamless and immature, he always speaks logical facts.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won is set to play the role of Yum Min Jung, who is the youngest child in the family. She has long led an introverted and quiet life and has always dealt with all her emotions silently without anyone’s support.

My Liberation Diary: All About Distribution and Streaming Platforms
Kim Ji Won

Each day is for her the repetition of events in the same order. She still covers her original emotions with a friendly facade, but sometimes she fades, giving the people around her a boost. Gradually, she begins to get frustrated with her lifestyle and the loneliness begins to scare her. Therefore, she decides to start making efforts to change her monochromatic and dreary lifestyle.

Lee El

Lee El portrays the character of Yeom Ki Jeong, who is the eldest of the trio of siblings. He is someone who has a bold personality and is in desperate need of love. Her mindset “life is only worth when you have love” has led her on an ongoing quest to find her “other half”. Moreover, she is also an efficient worker and loves payday more than anything. She does not have a special relationship with her other two siblings as they hardly meet due to her professional life in Seoul.

My Liberation Diary: All About Distribution and Streaming Platforms
Lee El

Son Seok Gu

Son Seok Gu plays the role of Mr. Gu, who is a charming and mysterious stranger in the city. Given the town’s longstanding reputation, “while people can leave, no one ever moves in”, everyone is quite surprised and skeptical about him and his identity. He is a 24×7 drunk man and has lost all his hopes in life. Having a fair share of misfortunes, he lives in fear until one day Yum Min Jung approaches him.

Son Seok Koo

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Watch My Release Diary Online – Stream Details

The drama series is initially distributed by South Korean distributor JTBC. Therefore, all domestic audiences can easily catch up on all episodes of the show through their cable network.

However, all international viewers of the series might have issues with the streaming. As of now, there have been no revelations on the show’s international streaming platforms. But, as soon as there are updates on this, we will keep you informed.

Release date of my release diary

Directed by Kim Seok Yoon, the drama series “My Liberation Diary” will air on April 23, 2022. If the regular episode release schedule is followed, the final episode will air on June 12, 2022.

My Liberation Diary

It has a total of 16 episodes, and each one will air on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. According to the show’s production team, the drama series will be a realistic depiction of the emotions everyone has felt at least once in their lives. Therefore, write down your calendars.

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