My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Recap: Aoyama Betrays Midoriya again?


BNHA fans, what do you think of the recent manga chapter, chapter 343? Were you mad at Aoyama? Do you really believe he wouldn’t betray Midoriya? Did Eraserhead trust Aoyama, just so he could betray Midoriya again? Confused about the content above? So don’t worry. MHA Chapter 343 will be discussed in depth here, in words that anyone could understand! Okay, that was overkill, but really, Chapter 343 is just one of those cliffhangers that fans hate to be in.

The series, created by Kohei Horikoshi, has been adapted into an anime series with a total of 5 seasons, so far. In a world where each person holds their own superpower, known as the Quirk, the series is about Midoriya and his story with his friends. After Midoriya goes out of his way and leaves a message saying he was once quirk-free and had OFA in possession, he is brought back by UA High’s Hero Course. And exposing the traitor, Aoyama, let’s see if he could gain trust or will he betray again?

The Betrayer: Aoyama’s Story So Far

Will Aoyama betray his classmates again? After being exposed by Toru Hagakure, Aoyama has since begged and pleaded for a pardon. It’s like saying “I killed a guy”. So I’m sorry. Let me go now.

Truth be told, All For One instilled “fear” in the minds of Aoyama and his parents. No matter how much you reassure them, they still fear AFO and its power. And despite this, all the hero class students trust Aoyama again and ask him to do things right, from now on. Even Eraserhead asked Aoyama to defend himself, instead of saying “I can’t”. It was more of a gamble though. Will he be able to regain their trust and have them by his side again? If he betrays the AFO, will his parents be safe? Which side will Aoyama choose?

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Aoyama Betrays Midoriya Again
Aoyama Yuuga

BNHA Chapter 343: Aoyama’s Betrayal

Chapter 343, ‘let you down‘, starts with AFO Lies don’t work on him, so if anyone has any malicious intent, they’ll know. This oddity, which the AFO stole, was quite ambiguous at first. After mixing with his other quirks, he grew stronger. The irony is that the regular guy, who AFO stole the weirdness from, was actually planning with All Might to bring down AFO. Aoyama’s parents have already contacted AFO Seeing no bad intentions, AFO is planning something for tomorrow. Will All For One meet Aoyama?

Calling Midoriya to a location, Aoyama begins to say AFO’s true goal. After Japan was plunged into chaos, the Japanese yen fell. Seeking help from other nations of the world, the Japanese bank will soon file for bankruptcy. “This social instability has emboldened the activity of the wicked and it is slowly spreading throughout all nations. If anything, times have become akin to the Great Depression of the first appearance of odditiesAoyama says. Meanwhile, the other nations will soon abandon Japan, with their hands full trying to ensure their own survival. And in such a world, what will happen is that people will need a savior. Any would do.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Aoyama Betrays Midoriya Again
Aoyama collapses from all the anguish

Even All For One could be that savior people might need. In a world that has plunged into decadence and disruption, one man is enough after all. The perfect stage for an overwhelming individual with strong initiative to grab it all is forming. Which? All for one. He will now become the demon lord of this world. It sounds fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

Midoriya disagreeing with Aoyama’s sighting explains how they are still there. “I’m sorry… But I really want… I want to make sure Mom and Dad are safe in the end,says Aoyama, who is bursting with tears like a river and even pees himself. As if insulting his sacrifice, All For One makes an appearance, “You delivered it as promised, Aoyama Yuuga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Aoyama Betrays Midoriya Again
Aoyama (does not) betray Midoriya

Don’t worry dear BNHA fans. Aoyama has yet to betray Midroiya. Instead, it was all an act to get AFO out. After pushing AFO, Aoyama came to Midoriya’s side and will now fight him with all his might. AFO apparently knowing that the hero is in the bar without a reach, welcomes his league of villains. Likewise, behind Aoyama is the oddity of Kurogiri, through which the heroes enter. The fact that Japan is not yet finished and that even the world knows that there still shines a faint ray of hope there, the heroes cry out in unison, “We will defeat you here and now!”

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