Murder Mystery ‘Crooked House’ Filming Locations & Plot Setting


Are you a murder mystery lover? If so, watching Crooked House is highly recommended. The film is based on the book by Agatha Christie. Crooked House was the title of the novel, which was also the title of the mystery film. In 2017, the film was released. Max Irons, Terence Stamp, Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson and Stefanie Martini are the main characters in the film. Crooked House is a must read for mystery fans. Channel 5 aired the film. Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for the film.

The mystery film began production in 2016 and was released in 2017. The makers put a lot of attention into giving viewers a magical perspective. Filming takes a lot of time, and choosing the right filming site takes a lot more effort and time. So, in this article, we are going to go over the plot, cast, and filming location of Crooked House. Let’s dive in.

Twisted house plot

The plot of the movie is the deciding factor in whether a movie will be a hit or a flop. The film, which is based on a bestselling novel, has far too many expectations, and the directors had to live up to expectations in terms of every aspect. Whether it’s the production, the plot, the casting or the shooting, everything has to be perfect. Sophia Leonides, the granddaughter of the late Greek-British business tycoon Aristide Leonides, visits private detective Charles Hayward. She wants Charles to investigate Aristide’s death as she believes he was murdered by a large and eccentric member of their family.

Wobbly house
Crooked House: Max Irons and Stefanie Martini

This murder mystery is full of surprises. According to Sophia, Aristide’s usual insulin injection had been contaminated with eserine from his eye drops, resulting in a fatal heart attack. Sophia thinks it was done on purpose rather than by accident. Charles takes the case with hesitation as he had a brief romance with her in Cairo. Using his personal relationship with Chief Inspector Taverner, who served with Charles’ father, a decorated former Deputy Commissioner, Charles asks permission to look into the situation. Audiences are compelled to follow the video to the conclusion as they are intrigued by how a routine insulin injection leads to death. We will not reveal all spoilers. Anyone who likes to watch murder mysteries must watch Crooked House.

Crooked House Cast

The main protagonists of Crooked House are Max Irons, Terence Stamp, Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson and Stefanie Martini. Glenn Close stars as Lady Edith de Haviland. Terrence Stamp takes the lead as lead investigator. Max Irons stars as Charles Hayward. Stefanie Martini as Sophia and Julian Sands as Philip gave outstanding performance in their respective roles.

Crooked House Filming Locations

Crooked House filming locations must be gothic. Goth shooting forces directors to think a lot. Production on the mystical “Crooked House” began in 2016. The main location where this murder mystery was filmed was London. The Maughan Library at King’s College London, located at Chancery Lane in the Holborn area of ​​the city, was used to film several interior shots. Some shots were shot in the same area of ​​Holborn at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the city’s largest public square. London is a beautiful place to shoot a movie, and the makers picked the location perfectly to provide a realistic view for fans.

The Hammersmith Apollo was also used to film several scenes in the film. It is well known for its amazing architecture. Hoxton Square, a public park, was also used as a filming site. It is one of the oldest gardens in London, and has been used as a filming location for a number of popular films.

Filming location of Crooked House
Crooked House filming location: Hammersmith Apollo

Who doesn’t love scenic spots, but it takes a lot of thought to choose one. West Wycombe Park was also chosen as the filming location for Crooked House. A house near West Wycombe Park was chosen as the filming location. One of the Victorian mansions was also considered to shoot some scenes in the film. The mansion was near the Hughenden area. French Gothic architecture was the main requirement of the film. So the manufacturers decided to look for a heritage country house. Minley Manor was used to shoot some scenes in the film. Dyrham Park also served as another filming location. Tyntesfield, Wraxall was also used to film some interior footage.

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