Most Romantic Male Characters in Anime That You Will Adore


The world of anime is the fictional universe that brings the viewer to all possible concepts. Even though all anime series largely target fantasies, some realistic anime also take the spotlight. Other than that, all character types whether aggressive, cold, weird, ruthless, cute, beautiful, romantic are equally important. So this time we are going to highlight some of the most romantic anime characters. However, our anime ladies are not included in this as we have dedicated this list to our handsome anime guys. Some of the most romantic male anime characters will be on this list that you will surely love.

Generally, we all find one or another anime character to simp or stan on. Anime guys are so handsome and cute that they captivate all female viewers and some male viewers with their charm. With that, the progression of a romance-based anime makes their behavior so unrealistic. They give us a beautiful picture of the incredible feeling of love and being loved. As a result, we raise our standards above the sky and imagine a beautiful and romantic partner, just like the anime character we saw in the particular anime. Let’s start with the list and highlight some of those male anime characters that have left us reluctant to fall in love with anyone other than them.

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Anime’s Most Romantic Male Characters

All the male anime characters you are going to see in the list below are from different types of anime series. Some of them may just be from romance, slice of life, or some from an anime series where they manage to have a romantic moment in between all the action. All of these characters are really good, and some have something better than others. Each character is judged on the basis of their love involvement, and throughout the series, they belong. They are all romantic and deserve to be on this list totally based on my opinions, and opinions may vary from person to person. Many characters can be left out because the list is limited to a few characters. Let’s start the list.

1. Takaki Toono

Takaki is the protagonist of the anime series 5 Centimeters Per Second, he is a handsome gentleman. The series also follows his childhood, where he moved to Tokyo due to his father’s job. Here he met a girl at school named Akari Shinohara, who he befriended very quickly. They both had a really good bond and even considered each other the love interest. However, he separated when Takaki moved to Tanegashima Island and completed high school there. He met a girl named Kanae who had feelings for him but her heart always dreamed of Akari. Even after having a girlfriend, he cannot forget Akari and he decided to break up with her and quit his job. He turned out to be a true lover and guardian, but they never got together.

Takaki Toono
Takaki Toono

2. Hirotaka Nifuji

Hirotaka is the protagonist of the anime series Wotaku ni Koi was Muzukashi (Wotaku: Love is Hard for Otaku). The series follows four main characters who are all working adults and otakus. As for Hirotaka, he is not only very handsome, but he is also a perfect boyfriend that a girl can ask for. He is Narumi Momose’s childhood friend and boyfriend, and viewers liked it a lot. He showed his romantic and affectionate side towards Narumi when she was spotted with an unknown boyfriend. The guy seemed to have a piercing, and Hirotaka decided to get some just to get Narumi to notice him. He doesn’t like having social interactions, but for Narumi, he confessed directly to her, and the two enter into a relationship together.

The Most Romantic Male Anime Characters
Hirotaka Nifuji

3. Yuuta Takemoto

The character Yuuta Takemoto belongs to the anime Honey and Clover – the classic josei series. Yuuta is an art student in Tokyo, and at the start of the anime, he is a 19-year-old boy in his second year of college. After falling for Hagu immediately after being introduced by the teacher, he kept his feelings to himself for so long. Because he was truly aware of his introvert, he never let his feelings slip away. He faces some inability to express his feelings, but the way he acted around Hagu seems really cute to viewers. The time Hagu made a bird brooch for Yuuta anonymously, Yuuta couldn’t bring himself to tell the truth that it was made by Hagu.

The Most Romantic Male Anime Characters
Yuuta Takemoto

4. Arata Kaizaki

The next character on our list is from the ReLIFE series and is the protagonist of the series. Over the course of the series, Kaizaki Chizruru has proven to be the first friend Arata has made in ages and especially his life as a 17-year-old boy. Initially, he was introduced as an unemployed 27-year-old struggling to lead a good life. His life changed when he was taken as the subject of the ReLIFE experiment. Now he has to live a high school life again, interact with people and create good memories with them. His willingness to live a confident life has made him so sweet and he is now ready to have quality interaction with people, especially Kaizaki Chizuru.

Arata Kaizaki
Arata Kaizaki

5. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi is the main protagonist of the new romance anime series Horimiya. The anime series became very popular when the first episodes were released. Izumi is a student in Class 3-1 of Katagiri High School. From his first appearance, Izumi gave the vibe of a complete nerd however, outside of school, he’s the coolest guy you could ask for. As the protagonist of a romantic anime, he has to be romantic, but like any other guy, he never let it out openly. In chapter 20 of the manga, he made his confession to Kyouko while she was sick and lying on her bed. At the end of the series, they both got married and had a son Kyouhei Miyamura.

Izumi Miyamura most romantic male character
Izumi Miyamura

6. Asahina Subaru

Asahina Subaru had tough competition from her brothers for the Brothers Conflict series. If I talk about all the Asahina brothers, they would have taken all the spots on this list, however, Subaru was the only one that made it here. As all the brothers were head over heels in love with Ema, Subaru was the one who had very strong feelings for her. He never left the chance to persuade Ema and show how much he loves her. He showed it in every way he could, caring, talking, touching and even kissing. His interactions with Ema showed the most genuine feelings among brother Asahina, but sadly, they never end up together.

Asahina Subaru Male Romantic Character
Asahina Subaru


The next characters in the list belong to the Ranma 1/2 anime series. This character is somewhat different from the rest of the characters on the list. The reason is that he has a curse that turns him into a beautiful girl after coming in contact with cold water. Ranma’s marriage is fixed by his father without his consent with his father’s friend’s daughter. Akane and Ranma initially dislike each other, but the series taking romance and comedy to the center gave great content that earned Ranma a position in this list. Ranma’s big confession in the manga’s final volume blew viewers away for the characters.

Ranma romantic anime character

8. Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster is a very handsome young character from the Fairy Tail series. The series is not a romance centric series but follows a lot of adventure and action. In terms of releasing her love, Gray turned out to be a complete tsundere. He never showed affection directly to any of his friends, but Juvia proved to be an exception. Gray can’t be considered a moment-maker and a talker, he’s romantic and sweet in his own way. The way he cared for Juvia and ultimately accepted her as a big part of his life showed some aspects of his behavior that made fans wish they had a partner like him. Gray X Juvia shippers finally breathed a sigh of relief when they finally saw Gray saying he had feelings for Juvia.

Fullbuster gray
Fullbuster gray

9. Naruto Uzumaki

The entire Naruto series focused on action and the shonen genre, the creators did not let this romance surface. However, there were instances that also showed the love blossoming among the characters. Throughout the series, Naruto witnessed a big crush on Sakura and showed it in small ways. But when he finally realizes that Sakura is in love with Sasuke and that there is Hinata, who secretly loves her. He never gave a show like a chance he had for Hinata, their interaction turned out to be really sweet. Their relationship has become a perfect example where both partners are truly in love and have that romance between them.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki

10. Ken Kaneki

The character is from another well-known anime series called Tokyo Ghoul. The animated series is known for its violence and its censored scenes because they are unsuitable for certain audiences. Between all of this, our series protagonist Ken Kaneki managed to like the series’ female protagonist Touka Kirishima. Although he never openly let his love for Touka open, but his actions which remained calm in the face of Touka’s cold attitude made the boy the ideal for all girls.

Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki

Eventually, Touka’s attitude changed towards Ken, and they finally enter into an official relationship. They got closer and closer and got married, and a beautiful daughter together named Ichika. Ken has always been so sweet and cute to Touka, and all types of interactions have been enjoyed by all viewers.

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