Most Romantic BL Ships In Anime That Put Reality To Shame


There are a number of Romantic BL Ships, and we’ll be talking about some of the best ones here. In a nutshell, BL (Boy’s Love) refers to a genre featuring romantic relationships between men. The Literal Translation of BL in Japanese is “Shounen-ai”. Like any other manga/anime category, it involves stories that can range from realistic dramas to intense fantasy plots. It’s very similar to stories from the romance genre. While anime with yaoi and shounen ai genre still isn’t appreciated by everyone, it has a huge following for a reason.

But who would you include in the most romantic BL ships so far? While this topic is highly subjective, Today, we will be listing a number of Most romantic BL ships, from classic BL anime like Yuri on Ice to new shows like Sankaku mado no Sotogawa wa yoru.

Although it depends on your take on the issue if you do consider some anime to be Yaoi or not. Since some anime Like Yuri on Ice and Banana fish aren’t considered BL anime at all. Before you proceed with the list, this is NOT a ranking of these couples, and the order in which they appear is completely random. With that being said, Let’s get started.

1. Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki – Yuri!!! on ICE

How can we talk about romantic BL ships and leave out Yuri and Victor? Yuri!!! on ICE is one of the most famous and mainstream anime, which is known to be “Yaoi” by some people but regardless of this stance, the pairing of Victor and Yuri is worth rooting for. As they are seen to have an obvious affection for one another and constantly support and help each other to gain their professional and personal goals. Now call it a yaoi anime or not; these two are easily one of the most wholesome couples of all time as it’s a relation that graduated from Respect to Love.

Yuri on Ice
Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki – Yuri!!! on ICE

It’s even better of a story since Yuri Katsuki is depressed and nearly gave up on his career. That’s when Victor shows up. Victor Nikiforov is a Russian skater and Yuri’s idol. He sees a videotape of Yuri skating and decides to personally train him for the next competition. Over the course of this training, they both started falling in love. Both the characters complete each other as it’s not just Yuri who starts succeeding in his career. Victor also gets saved by Yuri from his loneliness.

2. Eiji Okumura x Ash – Banana Fish

This one contains Spoilers!

In a sentence, I’d describe Banana Fish as “A depressing action Anime with a tinge of gayness”. Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura are dedicated to each other from the very beginning, even though their lives, as well as personalities, are totally opposite. Eiji is a former Japanese pole vaulter, leading a carefree life except for an Injury that came at the cost of his career.

Eiji Okumura x Ash - Banana Fish
Eiji Okumura x Ash – Banana Fish

Ash had a straight on Horrifying life since his childhood, which resulted in him becoming a criminal. This pair is definitely one of the strongest bonds I’ve seen as Eiji never gave up on Ash even when the circumstances were difficult. He refuses to go home and leave Ash. Meanwhile, Ash would do anything and everything in his power to keep Eiji safe. The anime dives deep into the dark side of society as well as child abuse. And just when the Theme started getting better, the ending just Crushed everyone’s heart. Even though Ash and Eiji didn’t get to meet their happy ending, it’s still worth mentioning that they had each other’s back throughout the anime.

(And yes I’m crying if anyone was wondering)

3. Nezumi x Shion – No.6

Another story with a super unsatisfactory ending! All hail depression. But it’s still worth watching. The series shows Nezumi and Shion, both young men who come from almost opposite walks of life. While Shion has led a life of a privileged and protected individual within a wealthy city, Nezumi lives on the outskirts, which exposes him to a number of dangers that may even be fatal. The series itself depicts two Extremes of a society, one with all the luxury and one that’s deemed to meet a bitter ending.

Nezumi  x  Shion - No.6
Nezumi x Shion – No.6

Due to a strange situation, Shion ends up letting  Nezumi to stay at his place for a night. This one incident changed Shion’s entire life. His “high” social status is revoked, and he finally sees the true nature of the world he lives in. By standing next to each other in such chaos, the two boys fall in love. However, their painful dystopia reality did not allow their love to flourish for a long time.

4. Hanguang Jun x Wei Ying – Mo dao zu shi

This classic Chinese Donghua (Chinese anime) is adapted from the Novel “Mo dao zu shi”. Due to the homophobic Chinese censorship, the series only shows a so-called “brotherhood” between the two male leads. The actual Novel is way too graphic and goes deep in describing the Romantic Relationship of Lang Wangji and Wei Wuxian. Stories like these make things even more interesting as they both have opposite personalities.

It features Lang Wangji, who belongs to the Lan sect of Gusu who is a man of few words, Pure dedication, and biggest of all has a poker face 24/7. His Sect abides him by more than 3000 rules, which reflects how uptight he could be. Now As soon as Wei Wwuxian comes into the picture, Lan Wangji starts questioning the routes of “good” and “bad”. In the beginning, they aren’t on good terms, as Wei Wuxian has a notorious nature, and trouble follows him wherever he goes. Later on, their bond gets stronger, and they slowly start falling in love.

Hanguang Jun  x  Wei Ying - romantic BL ships
Hanguang Jun x Wei Ying – Mo dao zu shi

The best part about this ” Power couple” is, that even when Wei Wuxian gives up on himself, Lan Wangji doesn’t. He goes against his own sect and the 3000+ rules that he learned in his entire life. Now even if you count this as “friendship,” it’s the strongest form of love. Plus, I’d rather trust the Writer than the Chinese censorship board.

5. Rihito x Hikaru – Doukyuusei

Doukyuusei is another one of the classics. The main leads, Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou, have absolutely nothing in common. Rihito is a grade-conscious nerdy type of character. On the other hand, Hikaru is a typical chill dude who is also a musician. The main plot starts when Hikaru is supposed to help Rihito in organizing a music event at their school. They both are then almost forced to interact for the first time.

Rihito  x  Hikaru  - Doukyuusei
Rihito x Hikaru  – Doukyuusei

As they go on with the preparations, they spend time with each other and discover that despite their differences, they can relate to each other on many levels. The series shows their life together from high school to their Graduation. Throughout these phases of life, they help each other to cope with overwhelming challenges.

(They got married in the manga Y’all!!)

6. Izumi Sena x Ryouma Ichijou – Love Stage!!

Love stage is a funny love story, where Ryouma falls in Love at first sight when he meets Izumi Sena. Unfortunately, Ryouma didn’t realize that Izumi was not a girl. In fact, he is just dressed like a girl for his acting job. As soon as he learns the truth, he obviously gets shocked beyond repair, and it’s hard for him to accept the fact that he fell in love with a man. What makes this story compelling is that even though he is straight, his feelings for Izumi didn’t fade. In fact, his love for him got even stronger.

Izumi Sena  x  Ryouma Ichijou - Love Stage!!
Izumi Sena x Ryouma Ichijou – Love Stage!!

Izumi and Ryouma had a rocky start to their relationship, but even though there were a number of obstacles, they both got into a relationship even though they both are straight.

7. Takano x Ritsu – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is a mainstream BL that features a number of romantic BL ships. The main couples, Ritsu and Masamune, got a head start on their love story after Ritsu Onodera quit his job at his father’s publishing company. Transferring to a place where he can work on his own terms and make a name for himself.

Takano  x Ritsu - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Takano  x Ritsu – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

In this new company, he discovers that his editor-in-chief is Masamune Takano. And it turns out that Takano and Ritsu have a past, as Takano is the one who broke Onodera’s heart back in high school. It was an experience that changed his perspective on dating. However, Takano regrets leaving Ritsu and takes this situation as an opportunity to win Onodera back again.

8. Yoh Miyagi x Shinobu Takatsuki – Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica is also a classic BL anime written by the same mangaka as Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. This series also depicts a number of romantic BL ships, One of which is the story of Miyagi and Shinobu. Shinobu and Miyagi are the side couples in this story. However, it’s one of my all-time favorites. Shinobu is an 18-year-old high school student who is Rich, intelligent, and the son of Mitsuhashi University’s Dean.  On the other hand, Yoh Miyagi happens to be one of the teachers in Mitsuhashi University who is also the ex-husband of Dean’s daughter. Got their relationship? That’s correct! Shinobu is Miyagi’s brother-in-law.

Yoh Miyag  x  Shinobu Takatsuki - romantic BL ships
Yoh Miyag x Shinobu Takatsuki – Junjou Romantica

Miyagi got divorced because he couldn’t love his wife with all his heart due to the unfortunate death of his past lover. That’s when Shinobu appears. Ever since Miyagi saved Shinobu, he fell in love with Miyagi. This took place even before his marriage was arranged with his sister. He soon gave up and went to a foreign country to study. After getting the news about Miyagi’s Divorce, Shinobu rushes back to Japan and pursues Miyagi to fall in love with him. This couple is exceptionally romantic since it’s not one of the cliche couple thingies where the top goes around chasing the bottom to prove his love. It’s the other way round!

9. Shun Hashimoto x Mio Chibana – Umibe no étranger

Umibe no étranger is a beautiful story featuring the relationship between openly gay novelist Shun Hashimoto and a high school student Mio Chibana. Shun lives alone after being disowned by his parents due to his sexual orientation. As for Mio, he is an orphan who recently lost his mother. When the two meet, they immediately form a connection. But it’s not all fluff, as Mio returned to the mainland.

Shun Hashimoto x Mio Chibana – Umibe no étranger

After three years, Mio finally returns to Okinawa. When he meets Shun again, he finds out that Shun has changed, and so have his feelings for Mio. Even so, Mio gives his all to bring Shun back to his past self.

10. Akihiko Kaji x Haruki Nakayama – Given

“Given” anime series mainly focuses on the relationship between Mafuyu and Ritsuka. However, they aren’t the only couple in the manga. Hence they released a separate movie depicting the relationship of Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama. Their story is highlighted in the series as well, but the development is mainly shown in the movie.

Akihiko Kaji  x  Haruki Nakayama - Given
Akihiko Kaji x Haruki Nakayama – Given

They both are bandmates as well as friends who develop feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Akihiko is already in a relationship with another man, Ugetsu Murata, who is a talented musician. Is this movie also somewhat depressing? Since Ugetsu and Akihiko’s relationship falls apart, they live together. Akihiko is having trouble over his own feelings and wants to get out of this situation. Meanwhile, it’s stressful for Haruki, who has no clue about Akihiko’s feelings. Despite the elongated drama, they both eventually start dating.

11. Yoshikazu Miyano x Shuumei Sasaki – Sasaki to Miyano

The latest BL anime of the Month is Sasaki to Miyano, with one of the best romantic BL ships of the Year. Miyano loves reading BL manga, although he is not interested in men whatsoever (So, a typical Fudanshi.). However, this changes when he meets Sasaki. Miyano expected Sasaki to mock him for liking BL, but it turns out that Sasaki is interested in reading BL too (this, right here, is a dream come true type of situation).

Yoshikazu Miyano  x  Shuumei Sasaki - romantic BL ships
Yoshikazu Miyano x Shuumei Sasaki – Sasaki to Miyano

But he’s not exactly a Fudanshi since he likes this genre only because Miyano enjoys it. Sasaki has a huge crush on Miyano. Meanwhile, the more Miyano tries to live in denial regarding his own feelings for Sasaki, the harder it becomes. The anime is still ongoing, but we’ll know what happens soon.

12. Kosuke Mikado x Rihito Hiyakawa – Sankaku mado no Sotogawa wa yoru

Now before we talk about the couple, here’s a fun fact about this anime, The Mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami once said in an interview that Jujutsu Kaisen was, in fact, inspired by some parts of this BL masterpiece. The story goes as follows, Rihito Hiyakawa is an exorcist. Though he’s socially awkward, he does the job perfectly.

Kosuke Mikado x Rihito Hiyakawa - romantic BL ships
Kosuke Mikado x Rihito Hiyakawa – Sankaku mado no Sotogawa wa yoru

Kosuke Mikado can see ghosts since his childhood, but in the beginning, he is terrified of them, and he wants nothing to do with anything “ghostly”. Rikido insists that both of them were destined to meet and should work together. He takes Kosuke into the world of curses, ghosts, and many other frightening entities. As they both try to solve these cases together, the two begin to fall in love.

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