Most Iconic Nico Robin Moments From One Piece


One Piece anime brought many unforgettable names and made fans nervous with each new episode. Nico Robin being such a member, will go down in history as one of the greatest characters of all time. With that, let’s take a look at some of Nico Robin’s most iconic moments from One Piece.

Robin was introduced as the archaeologist of the Straw Hats crew in the One Piece series and manga chapters. She was from Ohara, known for her knowledge, literature, books and archaeology. What was once a wealthy kingdom that treasured and preserved its history, the world government wiped out this kingdom to bury its hidden secrets. All the subjects of the kingdom were massacred and the libraries reduced to ashes. It was a complete genocide.

Nico was the only one who could escape this traumatic fate for her people and was later branded a devil’s child. Even at a young age, there was a bounty on his head, which underscores the importance of the character. Using her Devil Fruit ability, she was able to create a plethora of arms and legs that could easily defeat any opponent.

She was the only person in the entire One Piece universe who could read the old poneglyphs. This unique skill has made her the key to revealing the inner secrets of the One Piece universe.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Nico Robin’s most iconic One Piece moments:

1. Robin fended off Shirahoshi’s new Fish-Man Pirates

As Princess Shirahoshi was about to be hit by the new Fish-Man Pirates, Robin was there with a plan to save the day. What she did was create a huge pair of feet that stomped on the sea creatures and scared them away. This ensured the safety of the princess.

Nico Robin

If she hadn’t thought of a plan quickly, it wouldn’t have been possible for the Straw Hats’ crew to save the princess and the horde of a total of fifty thousand soldiers on their own. It was not then but later that people understood the value of the Royal and praised Nico for his efforts.

2. Robin defeated Yama at Skypiea

Robin had to show that she deserved to be part of the crew after entering the Straw Hat crew. She did this by having a head-on clash with Yama, who was the general of Eneru’s armies. Yama was considered the strongest of the four priests. To prove his worth, Nico had to face some great elders.

Nico Robin Moments

As the fight continued, Nico managed to use his weight against him by throwing him off the top of the cliff. However, he didn’t fall as Nico was quick to catch him with his “Clutch” technique. Her defeat earned Nico the honor she deserved in the crew.

3. Robin broke Spandam’s back and stopped him from chasing them

During their escape from Buster Call, Spandam had given the order to eliminate the Straw Hats crew members and bring them back. While this was happening, Robin was able to watch, and with the help of her Devil Fruit, she engulfed the Director of CP9 and broke his spine.

Nico Robin Moments

All it took was that moment that allowed the crew to escape as the Navy had a very disoriented attack. Along with that, the timing was a head start for Nico as she was able to close the darkest chapter of her life to date.

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4. Robin Was Responsible For Restraining The Children Of Punk Hazard While Chopper Healed Them

Due to the addictive effects of Caesar Clown’s candy, the children of Punk Hazard had lost their minds. They even continued to attack the Straw Hats crew in a fit of rage. The reason was that they were denied what they wanted.

Nico Robin

Keeping in mind that the children should not be harmed, Nico, with the help of the Devil Fruit, binds them together while Chopper provides them with the antidotes. This teamwork between the two resulted in no casualties or suffering among the children, bringing them home safely.

5. Robin saved Franky from his fatal fall in Thriller Bark

Franky and Robin were both surrounded by a horde of zombies. This happened during the Thriller Park arc, where the cyborg brought down the bridge to defeat the opponents resulting in his death.

Iconic Nico Robin Moments
Nico Robin

Around this time, Robin was quick to grow a pair of magnificent wings and fly as with Franky to a safe place. If it weren’t for his quick thinking, the shipbuilder’s journey would have ended quickly right after he joined the Straw Hat crew.

6. Nico Robin saying “I want to live

This was truly one of Nico’s most memorable and emotional moments in all of One Piece. This moment brought every fan to tears and deservedly made it a huge part of the show.

Iconic Nico Robin Moments
Nico Robin

During an episode where Luffy, along with the Straw Hats, was near the top of Enies, he asked Robin to resign from the crew before encouraging her to say what she really wanted. In response to this, Nico shouted, “I want to live!” as his face became all emotional. Meanwhile, every one-piece fan drowned in tears.

Where can we watch One Piece?

Anyone can watch One Piece on online streaming platforms like Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation and many more.

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