Most Iconic Moments From Demon Slayer Season 2


Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment Arc ended on a perfect note, and its ending was really satisfying as well as emotional. Demon Slayer has always had a great plot, depicting family relationships in a positive way, paying attention to the feelings of each character, whether it’s Tanjiro’s love towards his sister or Zenitsu’s fear towards the powerful yet disgusting looking demons who are so dangerous that they can rip anyone apart, or Inosuke’s courage that he doesn’t even back out even when he gets stabbed right in the heart. Even Tengen Uzui’s loyalty is portrayed, as well as Upper Moon’s feelings of non-belonging, hatred towards society as well as sibling love is portrayed. So, here we shall look at the best moments in Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District Arc.

The anime doesn’t discriminate among the emotional aspect of any of the characters, be it a Hashira, a Demon Slayer, or even a Demon. It validates everyone, and this is one of the reasons why fans will probably never be able to forget this anime. The fighting scenes, visuals, graphics are gorgeous and gory, which completely blows the minds of the viewers. Tanjiro’s empathy towards demons and his inner instincts of a counselor is just like Naruto’s rapport formation with his enemies, such as the fight with Pain, where he manages to convince Pain at the very end. Each character of Demon Slayer, each fight, and each episode was so good that it’s truly difficult to find the best moments from Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District Arc.

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11. Tanjiro, Zenitsu And Inosuke Crossdress As Girls To Collect Info

The hidden plot might have seemed absurd on the exterior, but they definitely have a shot at winning in both the goal and fitting in. Up to this point, Tanjiro’s “Sumiko” appears to be the errand girl inside her household, lugging stacks of laundry in the opening episode and taking big presents up to the Oiran during the episode. This was traditionally a male-dominated position, but it offered Tanjiro an edge. If he stays on this road, he will become familiar with the area of the residence and will be there for numerous private chats. If a demon is present in this location, he can detect their scent.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
The Demon Slayers crossdress to collect info

Similarly, Zenitsu’s recently discovered shamisen skill positions “Zenko” for popularity. A Geisha’s work required them to be talented in singing and other ancient skills since they entertained visitors while waiting for the Oiran to arrive. He could become particularly well-known because, at the time, the shamisen was regarded as an erotic musical instrument associated with nightlife. He could be kept there due to the shamisen, even though he isn’t particularly attractive. As a result, Zenitsu will have more time to explore and will be able to rely on his enhanced hearing to perform the heavy lifting.

Inosuke’s “Inoko” has a good chance of rising through the ranks because he possesses two essential attributes. The Ogimoto house’s supervisor grabs him because she notices the gorgeous face underneath the disguise, while another staff remarks on how muscular he looks under his kimono. Oiran had to be muscular as well as handsome in order to preserve excellent posture under thick robes and wigs. To improve and possibly entice a demon out of hiding, all Inosuke will have to do is use his might in a different way.

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10. Muzan Kibutsuji Caresses Daki’s Face

Muzan, knowing of Daki’s highly trustworthy nature, exploited it to his disposition. He leverages the power of her devotion by complimenting her on a daily basis and referring to her as a “special” Demon in order to encourage her devotion to him. Muzan, on the other hand, sees Daki as a tool for ensuring her brother, Gyutaro’s loyalty, and making her think that he thinks highly of her, but originally believing her as someone who is not very bright, as shown after her death.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
Muzan caresses Daki’s face

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9. Tanjiro Unlocks Hinokami Kagura To A Higher Potential While Fighting Daki

Tanjiro’s Water Breathing style is not enough to fight against Upper moons like Daki or even Lower moons. Tanjiro had previously learned Sun Breathing Technique from his father unconsciously. He figures that his body isn’t really compatible with it. It’s difficult to breathe while doing it, and it burns him inside out. Therefore, during training, he decides to keep his body’s temperature raised. He began to use Hinokami Kagura as much as possible. While his body continues to lock up after using this Breathing Style but he has found a secret that completely works for him. He slowly raises his body temperature and maintains it so that he can use Hinokami Kagura more number of times. This is very bad for his health.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
Tanjiro unlocks Hinokami Kagura to a higher potential

In a narrative, it’s disclosed that Tanjiro has been trying to train himself to start raising his temperature of the body to over 100°C because that’s the only method he could use numerous Hinokami Kagura attacks at once, and while this works in the battle against Daki, it’s also revealed that using the technique without this shortcut is just as dangerous. Therefore, Tanjiro can use more strikes now, but it’s very bad for his physical health. However, it’s a disadvantage, and he can’t keep continuing to put himself through this, especially during the presence of the demons.

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8. Nezuko Evolves As A Stronger Demon, Even More Powerful Than Upper Moon 6

Nezuko made Daki look like a toddler with the manner she kicks her about when she is at full force. Therefore, at maximum capacity, she’s at least as powerful as upper moon 6. Due to various reasons, her rated strength and endurance of sunlight, she may be able to keep up with upper moon 5 and possibly even 4. Nezuko is immensely powerful, as she can push Daki into a hole by herself. Her change gives her increased speed and strength, as well as a significantly faster rate of rejuvenation. Tanjiro, on the other hand, will surely outperform Nezuko in terms of overall skill.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
Nezuko evolves as a stronger demon, even more powerful than Upper Moon 6

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7. Inosuke Gets Stabbed By Gyuutaro

When Hinatsuru pushes Tanjiro away from them, Tengen encourages Tanjiro to hold in there, enabling Tengen to jump off the rooftop while dragging the demon with him. Gyutaro emerges behind Inosuke and nearly kills him by putting a sickle through his chest as he flees with Daki’s beheaded head. Tanjiro watched helplessly as Gyutaro grabbed Daki’s head as Inosuke crashed on the roof. He immediately looks down on the floor and sees Tengen wounded and lifeless.

Demon slayer 2 moments
Inosuke gets stabbed by Gyutaro

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6. Tengen Uzui Rises Back Despite Getting Stabbed And Poisoned By Upper Moon 6

Gyutaro has the advantage and swings his scythe down on Tanjiro’s neck, but Tengen tries to regain awareness just in time and shields him from the sickle. Tengen fights in a head-to-head battle with Gyutaro despite being badly poisoned and lacking his left hand, claiming that he has mastered the Musical Score Technique. It is shown that his skill enables him to analyze his opponents’ actions and interpret them like chords of a guitar. Nevertheless, the poisoning has limited his capacity to attack, limiting him to just defending against Gyutaro’s strikes.

Demon slayer 2 moments
Tengen Uzui rises back

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5. Zenitsu Sleeps While Fighting Daki, Yet He Advises Her Maturely To Apologize To The Girl She Mistreated

Daki hits Tengen without notice, but Zenitsu detects her obi and utilizes the power of his assault to throw both of them out of the home and into the skies with Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunder Clap and Flash, Sixfold. Inosuke tells Tengen and Tanjiro to disregard Zenitsu since he and Daki will be fighting Daki, leaving Tengen and Tanjiro with Gyutaro. Daki realizes he would be the one she struck as she lands on the roofs. Zenitsu confronts her with an apology to the young girl she has injured, stating that the girls who assisted her are not her property. Daki pays no attention to his speech, claiming that women are simply here to be marketed, bought, and killed in this metropolis.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
Zenitsu fights Daki while sleeping and manages to cut her head, along with Inosuke

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4. Gyuutaro Stabs Tanjiro With A Poisoned Sickle, But He Gains A Demon Slayer Mark!

Gyutaro stabs Tengen after landing a devastating hit to the left side of his face, which led to the loss of his left eye. Tengen instructs him to dismiss him and leap. Tanjiro jumps into the air, attempting to behead Gyutaro, but is evidently wounded in the chin by Gyutaro’s sickle as they have the upper hand. The demon panics and pulsates his poison in an attempt to kill Tanjiro. However, he bears the pain and strikes his sword at Gyutaro. Gyutaro’s eyes glaze back in his skull as he witnesses the alteration in Tanjiro’s scar as he acquires a Demon Slayer Mark.

Gyutaro stabs Tanjiro with a poisoned sword

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3. Daki And Gyuutaro, The Upper Moon Duo Is Finally Defeated!

In the meantime, Daki is seen fending against Zenitsu’s effort to behead her. She tries to kill Zenitsu with her obi at point-blank range, but Inosuke suddenly rushes up, exposing that he rearranged his arteries to prevent his heart from being pierced. Before assisting Zenitsu in decapitating Daki, he confesses that poison has no impact on him because he was nurtured in the highlands. As they mustered the courage to cut through the Demons’ necks, the boys let out a shout. Zenitsu and Inosuke behead Daki on the rooftop after a protracted battle, while Tanjiro beheads Gyutaro on the ground. Their heads fall into the dirt and bounce around until they end face up.

Demon Slayer 2 moments
Daki and Gyutaro, the Upper Moon duo is defeated

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2. Out Of Nowhere, The Last Attack From Gyutaro Engulfs The Demon Slayers! Tengen Retires From Being A Hashira

Tengen detects something being expelled from Gyutaro’s body as it falls down and feels worried. Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio have gathered on a nearby rooftop to observe the fight’s conclusion. As Makio and Suma argue about her actions, Hinatsuru observes something unusual on the ground. She glances down to see Tanjiro gasping for air as he bleeds out of his mouth, attempting to slow the poison’s spread.

A large blast engulfs the demon slayers

The finale episode of Season 2 followed up after that lethal-looking climax in which Tanjiro Kamado and others were swept away in Gyutaro’s fatal strike, but fortunately, it was immediately established that they all survived. Tengen has been injured to the point where he can no longer fight, so this isn’t exactly a good way to avoid that outcome. Tengen steps down as a Hashira and leaves the front lines of the battle against the demons as a result of this and the commitment he made with his wives beforehand to the combat.

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1. Nezuko Saves The Day! (Or Night)

With the help of her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood, Nezuko is able to recover them. Exploding Blood was initially obtained by Nezuko during Tanjiro’s battle against Lower Rank Kizuki Rui, but it has the ability to turn her blood into an inferno that solely burns demons. As a result, Nezuko was able to light away he venom in Inosuke and Tengen’s bodies without causing them any further harm.

Nezuko saves everyone with her Blood Demon Art

These scenes were especially funny and emotional as Nezuko is able to save both of them, however, Uzui’s wives for a moment believe that Nezuko had proceeded to burn Uzui’s body thinking he had passed away.

Where To Watch Demon Slayer Entertainment Arc?

Demon Slayer Entertainment is one of the best ways to start off 2022! The anime has 11 episodes and it can be streamed on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu for international viewers. The anime has finally ended, so this is definitely the optimum time to watch it!

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