Most Badass Female Characters In Tokyo Revengers


The Tokyo Revengers fandom seems to be gearing up for a second season, but do we know some of the badass female Tokyo Revengers characters from Season 1? Because the entire series is primarily focused on boys and their friendship, many female characters are otherwise sidelined. So why not think of them as strong-willed, badass female characters who help grow the main plot players?

The Tokyo Revengers anime series is an anime adaptation of the Tokyo Manji Revengers manga series by Ken Wakui. The manga was published in Kodansha, in English, and is currently in progress. Serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, the manga series has at least 26 volumes and is also still ongoing. The plot encapsulates Takemichi Hanagaki’s time jump and ability to change the past for a better future. His current life is the result of his lack of courage in the past. Directed by Koichi Hatsumi, the Tokyo Revengers anime series ended its first season in September 2021.

Badass female characters in Tokyo Revengers:

Emma Sano

Who does not know her ? Manjiro and Shinichiro’s half-sister and Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive sister, Emma Sano. Emma has been a fun character to be around. His childishness when around Ken was all missed by fans. No one ever thought that we would lose Emma in seconds one day.

Nonetheless, whether as a tribute or because she deserves it, Emma is one of the badass female characters included in the list. Her desire to experience “it” with Takemichi, all because she wants to grow up for Draken soon, shocked many fans. Fans had either “No, girl. Spare the innocent Takemichi who is only reserved for Hina”, or “Yes. A daring girl like you is all we need!” thought. Although (un)fortunately nothing happened, Emma is actually childlike and extremely sweet and also daring.

Tokyo Revengers' most badass female characters
Emma Sano

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Hinata Tachibana

The main reason Takemichi time jumped in the first place is Hina. His ex-girlfriend, who was murdered by said Tokyo Manji Gang, Hina is a strong willed girl and also a major supporter of Takemichi. Not only that, but Hina is also credited with having protected Takemichi on several occasions. His outgoing and straightforward personality is one of the reasons Takemichi is able to do everything he has.

She is one of the badass female characters because her way of saving and protecting people and also slapping Mikey won her the title.

Hinata Tachibana (his past who was pissed at Takemichi for being attacked by Emma)

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Yuzuha Shiba

A member of the 10th and leader of the 11th generation of Black Dragon, fans are already familiar with Hakkai Shiba. However, also be aware of her older sister. Even though Yuzuha looks thin and frail, she is capable of great things.

By “great things”, Yuzuha is even able to kill her older brother, Taiju Shiba (note: able to kill and not killed!). Yuzuha is one of the badass female characters because she took all the blame on herself, saving her younger brother from Taiju. Without even complaining to Taiju, she tolerated and tolerated, until it was intolerable.

Tokyo Revengers' most badass female characters
Yuzuha Shiba

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Senju Kawaragi

President of the delinquent gang, Brahman, Senju is actually a girl. This is a line for manga readers, who actually thought she was a boy! In fact, no one thought a girl would be president of a gang full of boys. That thought never came because the whole series hadn’t had such a plotline about something like that until now.

Tokyo Revengers' most badass female characters
Senju Kawaragi

Appearing in chapter 212 of the manga series, Senju took a liking to Takemichi. She asks him to join their gang and fight with them. She is loyal and also someone who doesn’t appreciate the danger she herself would be put in when her friends are in danger. Senju, therefore, didn’t even think twice before jumping in to save Takemichi from Rokuhara Tandai’s henchmen. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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