Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6 Release Date: The Invisibility Spell


Miss Kuroitsu is one of the new anime you might want to check out. It inspires anime in similar genres like “Monster Girl Doctor“, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out with episode 6 of Miss Kuroitsu which should be released next. The last episode of the anime saw the fight between justice and evil continue. The hidden castle within the Trancer’s dimension leader was discovered, and to his surprise, it was none other than his enemy who discovered him.

Knowing how bad the bad guys were throughout the previous episode, the leader of the Trancer wasted no time and asked his nemesis to introduce himself. Instead of seeing this as a hostile action. She finds the situation interesting as she always looks forward to more trouble. Adding a little bit of humor to the episode, this time the enemy wanted the head of Trance to approve his document. So one might wonder what would happen in this situation since an enemy dug deep into his territory just to gain his approval.

Meanwhile, in the monster development department, the application for the new equipment that the professor has finally developed has been approved. So they expect to get more manpower by making more achievements. But in the end, the professor failed to get endorsements on the project’s approval documents. This would explain why earlier Miss Kuroitsu went out of her way and went to enemy territory in search of support.

Monster Development Department Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6 Release Date

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6 will be released on February 20, 2022. It will be among the anime that will air new episodes on Sunday. But new episodes come out very early on Sunday mornings. Luckily, since JST is several hours early, it will still be late Saturday in most areas when the episode is released.

Miss Kuroitsu from Monster Development Department Episode 5 Highlights

With Miss Kuroitsu trying to get the project approval documents approved. She had to go deep into enemy territory to be able to meet the leader of the Trance. At first, she appeared as if she was coming before the head of the Tance on another matter, and she was prepared for a confrontation.

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6
Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6

But Miss Kuroitsu did all of this for something as little as an endorsement for something that would put her life in danger. Another approval the document needed was from Megistus, as was a formal procedure. So it was not as difficult as the task she has to do now. When she reached Immortal Camula, she had minor difficulty as Camula voiced it since it is Miss Kuroitsu asking for more gear. So she will have to be careful. Meanwhile, Eldridge was busy with his experiments and was unavailable for endorsements at the time.

Knowing him as the chief scientific consultant. It comes with an amazing feature that would make it invisible to the world. This ability matches his personality as he is a crazy person who wouldn’t want much to do with others.

Thus, it allows him to do his business in peace without any external disturbance. What makes this situation funny is that even though he has achieved this ability. He has no control over the duration of invisibility effects. The last time he tried this experiment it lasted about a week, and now that it’s active again, even he can’t say how long it would last since he made improvements to it.

Where To Watch Miss Kuroitsu From The Monster Development Department Episode 6

You will be able to watch Miss Kuroitsu Episode 6 online on bilibili, Crunchyroll and VRV. The anime’s release date schedule will remain the same for the season’s big one, with new episodes released every Sunday.

Full details for upcoming episodes include her native name, “Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san episode 6”, and in short, most people simply refer to the anime as Miss Kuroitsu. So next time we should see how more action turns out.

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