Miss Cleo Documentary – The Iconic Psychic of the 1900s


An under-production documentary based on popular 90s TV personality, Miss Cleo. Youree Dell Harris or better known as Miss Cleo, was a psychic reader on an American television show. News of the documentary was announced by entertainment studio ‘XTR’ and production company ‘Majority’. Under the banner of these companies, the documentary will be released. However, there are no official announcements regarding the release date. The documentary will shed light on Youree’s personal life. Senate Kheshgi, award-winning director and producer, is working on this project.

She walks around interviewing people who have previously been involved with Harris. The Senate wants to share the courageous story of Harris and how a black woman rose against all odds in this rigid time. Diversity through her career and the complications she faced from society. A woman who belonged to the oppressed black community but broke all the norms and restrictions. She followed what her heart desired and confidently came out as a lesbian, which was considered taboo. The documentary will be a representation of all these strong women and will also inspire young minds.

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Psychic Reader Miss Cleo

Explore the life of Miss Cleo

Youree Dell Harris was born on August 12 in the year 1962. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, Southern California. Youree, along with her partner, ran a theatrical arts production house in Seattle, Washington. She participated in the writing of plays that were performed in her theater house. In one of her plays, she played a character by the name of Cleo. This probably gave Youree the idea to adopt the name Miss Cleo. She left Seattle due to the burden of debts. Youree got married when she was 19 and gave birth to a baby girl. After being separated from her husband at the age of 21, she had her second daughter at the age of 27. She boldly came out with her true sexuality and came out as a lesbian in 2006.

It was the time before Youree became a psychic reader. Harris made her first appearance on a TV show based on reading psychic and tarot cards. It was an American television show from the late 90s where Youree hosted the show as Miss Cleo. It was a pay-per-view show. She would connect with the public through phone calls and emails. Miss Cleo claimed she would solve their problems in exchange for money. Although she belonged to Los Angles, she claimed to be a psychic reader from Trelawny, Jamaica. Miss Cleo started to become a household name and grew in popularity within a year. However, the show was terminated due to allegations of tampering and manipulation.

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Youree Dell Harris from her show as Miss Cleo

The last part of Harris’ life

After the show was discontinued, Miss Cleo’s name disappeared for quite a while. Years later, Harris worked as a voice-over actor for the character Aunt Chicken in the famous game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” in 2002. She was hired by a music television channel as a spokesperson . Youree came forward and shared her experience in the 2014 documentary “Hotline.” Harris’ last appearance was in a breakfast cereal commercial.

Youree Dell Harris as Miss Cleo versus a recent photo

Harris was diagnosed with colon cancer and died aged just 53. After suffering for a long time, she left the world on July 26, 2016 in Florida. People shared their greetings and condolences to the iconic personality. A nostalgic memory of the good 90s has been lost, but she lives on thanks to the love of her audience, friends and family.

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