Miley Cyrus used to collect bras and panties that were thrown at her father during his concert to earn her first salary, the amount will surprise you!

When Miley Cyrus confessed that her first job was to collect bras and panties from her father Billy Ray Cyrus' concert
When Miley Cyrus collected bras and panties from her dad’s concert events (Photo Credit : Instagram)

American pop idol Miley Cyrus is one of the most successful and beloved singers around the world. Aside from her mesmerizing voice and cheerful disposition, the singer is known for her charismatic stage appeal. Although she is currently a smash hit in the pop industry, did you know Miley’s first job was collecting bras and panties from her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ concerts?

For inexperienced people, before arriving in the pop business, the singer was known for starring in the sitcom Hanna Montana. The show revolves around her character living the double life of an average teenage girl and a super pop ideal.

Getting back to our topic, it just so happened that even before she worked on the sitcom, as a young girl, Miley Cyrus still had clever ways to earn some pocket money. At the time, her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was a huge success in the pop industry and fans literally threw themselves on him. The fans went so high, that sometimes female fans just threw their bra and panties on stage. In those days, little Miley was asked to pick up the bras and panties from the stage in exchange for some pocket money.

In an old interview with Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus herself revealed that she was tasked with collecting the bras and panties thrown on stage by her father. The singer confessed, “I’d get a really big one and say, ‘Dad! I’ve found your biggest fan!” It was also revealed that she was given $10 by her father for the work.

Meanwhile, the singer/actress has come a long way since her sitcom Hannah Montana. She is also known for her starring role in the show Black Mirror, playing the role of Ashley O. The show came out in 2011 and lasted for 5 seasons. She also had a cameo in one of MCU’s productions. Cyrus provided her voice to the robot Mainframe in the credit scene for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Talking about her singing career. Miley Cryus’ last release was the album Plastic Hearts, which was released in 2020. The album features songs like Gimme What I Want, WTF Do I Know, Prisoner and many more.

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