Microsoft says it will keep Call of Duty on PlayStation ‘out of existing agreement’


Microsoft says that the Duty franchise and other popular cross-platform Activision Blizzard games will continue to be available on PlayStation if and when the $68.7 billion acquisition goes through.

“To be clear, Microsoft will continue to make Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles available on PlayStation during the term of an existing agreement with Activision,” said Microsoft. “And we have promised Sony that we will also make them available on PlayStation after the existing agreement and in the future, so Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love.”

The company also said it plans to “take similar steps to support Nintendo’s successful platform”. The announcement comes as Microsoft plans to introduce Open App Store principles, which Microsoft says will promote competition in app stores as regulators get involved in anti-competitive behavior.

However, there is one notable exception to the Open App Store plans: the Xbox Store. According to Microsoft, “game consoles in particular are sold at a loss to gamers in order to establish a robust and viable ecosystem for game developers. The costs are later recouped through revenue earned in the dedicated console store.”

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