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And then comes Metriport, which puts all your quantified self-data together in one place and adds smart features like mood tracking, drug tracking, and journaling. All your data resides locally on your device to protect your privacy, and the app can find connections in your data to help you become a better you.

Counting calories, adding up steps, measuring your mood, proportioning your purchases, determining your sleep time and enumerating the extent of your workout – quantified self-exercise becomes easier because our smartwatches, computers and other logging tools are part of the work of our hands. There’s a challenge, though: If you’re an obsessive tracker, you’ll be using half a dozen apps that don’t talk to each other, and it can be hard to spot patterns in the data. Does Your Period Affect How Sore You Are After Running? Does your mood affect how much you eat? Is there a relationship between how much coffee you drink or how much you walk and the quality of your sleep? Metriport can track it and lift the veil on patterns that were previously opaque.

“We see this as the Swiss Army knife of tracking apps. Gone are the days when you needed seven different apps to track your mood, one to track your mood, one to track your period, one for your health. With Metriport, we’ve brought everything together in one privacy-focused platform, built around the concept of your personal data dashboard,” said Colin Elsinga, co-founder of Metriport. “Until now, we have built Metriport without outside investment. My friend Damon and I have known each other since high school; we are both developers and have had a passion for health and fitness, especially mental health. We both used a lot of different tracking apps and found them quite limiting.”

The company rejects the use of ad-tracking technologies and stores all user data encrypted and local to the device – not even the developers can access your data. The company also offers a premium subscription, where it is possible to store your data on their servers.

“With our cloud backups, you can keep your data in case you lose your phone or move to a new device. You can opt out if you don’t want your data on our servers, and in any case they are all encrypted. No one will ever see your data except you,” says Elsinga. “WI’ve done a lot of things that could potentially come at the expense of our own marketing – we want to be as transparent as possible about that to let people know that they’re in full control here.”

The company has launched so far, but suggests that once their user base starts to grow, they can develop a plan that will require more money and some venture capital.

“Growth is kind of a big goal for us, in terms of the actual product itself. We’re working on a lot of exciting new features: we even pushed live an update today that includes weather tracking. I have suffered from chronic migraines all my life and now I can finally start keeping track of whether atmospheric pressure is affecting my headaches. I can just run the correlation insight and see if it has a significant impact.

It’s still early days for Metriport, but the team is off to an impressive start with its iOS and Android apps. In addition to all the standard built-in measurements and data syncs, you can create your own custom measurements — migraine severity, number of pancakes eaten, minutes of piano playing — which can then be incorporated into correlation tracking.

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