“Meditating has helped keep me grounded, dealing with anxiety and stress”

Meditation has helped me stay grounded, says Ashna Zaveri
Ashna Zaveri talks about how meditating has helped her star-grounded (Photo Credit – Ashna Zaveri / Instagram)

Actress Ashna Zaveri, who impressed with her performance in Santhanam starrer ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’, says meditation has helped her stay grounded.

On Instagram, the actress, who will next be seen in the Tamil film ‘Titanic Kaadhalum Kavundhu Pogum’, recalled Paulo Coelho’s statement: ‘Praying is talking to the universe, meditation is listening to it’, before sharing her thoughts on shared meditation.

Ashna Zaveri said, “Meditating has helped me stay grounded, deal with anxiety and stress, and basically maintain a balanced state of mind.

Ashna Zaveri added: “From this balance(s) state of mind I am able to gain clarity, create, manifest and maintain a calm state of mind. I no longer operate from flight or fight mode.”

“However, on days or weeks when I am unable to meditate, I can immediately feel the difference in my attitude, feelings and how it affects my thoughts.

“After witnessing this contrast, I realized that daily meditation is a game-changer for your mind and soul, it doesn’t matter which teacher/method/technique you follow, what matters is that you are consistent and committed to the one that resonates with you,” concluded Ashna Zaveri.

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