Mary D’Onofrio van Bessemer Demystifies Early ARR Growth in TechCrunch Early Stage – TechCrunch


If you’re a founder building a startup in the cloud and pinning your revenue to subscription-based services, annual recurring revenue (ARR) is an essential metric to understand. ARR is probably the most critical metric for a startup – it’s what investors look to to predict future growth and even measure relationship changes within your subscription base.

Keeping track of your ARR starts with your very first customer, that’s why you don’t want to miss our session, Scales from $1 to $10 MM from ARR at TechCrunch Early Stage on April 14.

We asked Mary D’Onofrio, a partner in the growth investment practice at Bessemer Ventures – where she focuses primarily on cloud software investments – to unravel ARR and explain how the brightest startups measure and leverage it.

A thorough understanding of ARR can improve operational planning decisions, help forecast revenue, attract investors, and more.

D’Onofrio brings significant bona fides to the table to help new founders build a solid intellectual understanding of recurring revenue and its measurement. She is co-author of Bessemer’s Scaling to $100 Million report, many annual State of the Cloud reports, and the 10 Laws of Cloud. She is also a key architect of the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index, which serves as a key set of benchmarks for public cloud companies and startups that value themselves against public compositions.

Building a successful cloud-based startup isn’t easy, and founders at any stage can struggle to understand useful, if elusive, financial benchmarks for the private market. D’Onofrio shares definitive stats and qualitative insights — targeting $1 to $10 million in ARR growth — with founders looking to take their startups to greater heights. If you have been placed by Series B, this session is for you.

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