Marry Me Ending Explained: Why Did She Propose A Math Teacher Over A Pop Singer?


Marry Me Ending Explained, if that’s what you’re looking for then I got you. But first, let’s review the ending one more time. In the final sequence, we see Kat on Jimmy Fallon with Bastain, and Jimmy mentions his new song and how Bastain wrote one for her, and she wrote one for him, prompting Kat to clarify Jimmy and explain that she wrote it for Charlie, not Bastain. The Mathathon Championship unfolds as Kat arrives at this revelation. Lou is about to take the stage to face his worries and overcome his choking in the previous tournament.

Kat rushes to find Charlie and express her feelings to him. As Lou begins to freeze again on stage, Charlie is a nice daddy, mocking her. Charlie begins to dance the way Kat taught him in order to remind himself to focus on the subject at hand and ignore everything else. Although Lou answered the question correctly, the time had run out and their team had lost. Kat expresses her feelings to Charlie when he consoles Lou.

Kat circles around a billboard that says “Marry me”, and as Charlie decides what he wants to do, she pulls out another billboard that says “Again”. It’s a nice little moment. OF COURSE, Charlie agrees, and the two kiss. While it’s obvious who Kat would end up with, I think they did a decent enough job to raise doubts in your mind. But now there are a few unanswered questions, which we will address in this discussion. Like why Kat cast Charlie in the Marry Me Ending, and what her ending really says. Let’s dive in without suggesting a random stranger.

Marry Me Ending Explained: Why did Kat propose Charlie at the end?

Kat initially chose Charlie from the mob as a means of retaliation against Bastian for breaking her heart right before their wedding. Throughout the film, Bastian, on the other hand, repeatedly tried to contact her. For many, marrying Charlie was truly a band-aid solution (and it was). Kat, on the other hand, had not only grown to love Charlie, but he had also validated her life and singing career in ways that her life and singing career did not. Kat’s heart and head weren’t in the same place when Marry Me started, despite the fact that she eventually received a Grammy nomination.

Jenifer Lopez and Maluma in Marry Me
Jenifer Lopez and Maluma in Marry Me

In many ways, her relationship with Bastian benefited both of their careers, and it appeared that she had to give up much of her independence to maintain the relationship and her singing career. Kat, on the other hand, got a taste of what life was like outside of the continuous barrage of social media updates, publicity and interviews with Charlie. She was also beginning to appreciate the peace and quiet that came with not being in the spotlight so much. Charlie was a much more grounded person than Bastian, which helped Kat balance her busy schedule. Charlie brought out the best in her as a person, and he did it without expecting anything in return other than her happiness. That, in itself, explains why Kat chose to stay with Charlie at the end of Marry Me.

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What are the end expenses of Marry Me

After Charlie breaks up with Kat, the two revert to their old ways, to what they were used to. Kat, on the other hand, returns when she discovers that she created a song for Charlie and not Bastian, and the two select each other once again. Because they were estranged, the two characters had learned to respect each other in new ways, as seen in the ending of Marry Me. Because so much had changed for them in just a few months, neither of them could return to their old life and continue. Kat was doing something for herself for the first time in a long time, and she saw her celebrity life more clearly than she had in the past. She was no longer ready to put on a show for the cameras; she was doing something because her heart was completely invested.

Marry Me Ending Explained
Jennifer Lopez as Kat

That in itself refers to her character’s growth throughout the romantic comedy. Meanwhile, Charlie was trying to isolate himself from the heartache only to find that it didn’t matter because he couldn’t just forget about Kat. Kat’s request to marry her was crucial in allowing Charlie to decide to go all-in, not because he wanted to help Kat in times of need, but because he wanted to be in a real relationship with her. Kat and Charlie had reached a point where they were happy with their arrangement and wanted to see it through on their own, not for the public good. Marry Me’s message is to do what’s right in your heart and not give in to peer pressure.

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